Triple H Challenges Jinder Mahal In India


The whole point of Jinder Mahal becoming the WWE champion was for the company to expand their business in India. They have a huge fanbase there and wanted somebody like Jinder to become the champion in order to make wrestling even more popular over there. India has always been seen as a market that has an untapped potential and Vince wanted to explore it as much as he could.

Jinder had a big run with the title. According to reports, it seems that his championship reign helped their business in India. WWE was getting ready to tour over there, and Mahal was supposed to be the champion when that happens. The original plan was for him to carry the belt to India, but AJ Styles seemed like a better option than the Modern Day Maharaja for Brock Lesnar’s opponent at Survivor Series.

Now, Jinder is still going to be a big part of that WWE tour in India. The only difference is that he is not going to be the champion. That doesn’t mean that WWE is not going to put him in a big situation during the tour. Today, one of the all-time greats challenged him to a match which he gladly accepted.

Triple H has decided that it is time for him and the Modern Day Maharaja to face off and it is going to happen in India. It is expected that Jinder Mahal is going to win almost every match in his home country as he is the big draw over there. Triple H has been working a fed live shows over the past couple of weeks, and he is more than capable of putting on a show in front of those fans in India.