Twas the night before Rockmas – story time with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

There was a time, if anyone even remembers anymore, a while back when Dwayne Johnson tried to get rid of his title as “The Rock.” Nobody really knows why or what was the reason for that, but thankfully we found a video that Mr. Johnson just posted on his YouTube channel called Twas the night before Rockmas which just goes to show that he has given up on his attempt to distance himself from his nickname, and thank God for that.

Twas the Night Before Rockmas – Story Time with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” is a video that can be found on The Rock’s YouTube page and it is about him reading a story about holiday cheer which is starting right in his home with his merry crew of friends who are helping him set off in “his bad-a*s Ford truck.” Apparently, Johnson is on a quest to give presents to all children and fiber to their parents. But to avoid that this story becomes short and boring, all of a sudden his attempt to do good is interrupted by this big portal that is opening.

That portal is, we presume, is from the alternate dimension because from it came Dwayne’s evil versions of characters he has played before such as Maui, the Scorpion King, and the Tooth Fairy, but there is also for some unknown reason Seth Rogen as well. Apparently, this evil bunch of villains has gathered to ruin the spirit and to “kick Rockmas a*s.” But fear not, Dwayneaclaus has something else up its sleeve that will help him defeat the villains, and it’s the spirit of Muhammad Ali who is going to help him defeat his evil clones and Rogen as well.

Thankfully Rockmas was saved, and to say thank you, Johnson treated his friends with banana pancakes, brownies, and rare steak as they celebrated. This is truly a wonderful short story intended for comical purposes, but it is nice to see stars putting themselves into all this trouble to entertain us even in their spare time. Hope there will be more of these from everybody’s favorite star The Rock! Enjoy the video!