Twelve Cars Will Not Be On Sale In 2017

Sometimes carmakers decide to stop a production of a certain model. The reason may be that they want to increase profit. However, this is not always the case. It happens even that the companies discontinue a solid model to make room for a new one which has a great potential.

These decisions are always difficult and manufacturers may end up either with a profit or with a loss. Take a look at 12 models which will be discontinued in the following year.

1. Volkswagen Eos

If you grew fond of this car, we have some bad news for you. The Eos with the folding hardtop has not been popular recently as the drop in sales indicated. So if you want a Volkswagen with the top down the only choice next year will be the Beetle Cabriolet.

2. Scion FR-S

Scion brand hasn’t been received among buyers as expected and many models including FR-5 will continue to exist, but with Toyota badge. From the beginning of the next year, FR-S will become Toyota 86, which indicates that the cars will continue to be driven, but under a different name. Having said that, the problem seems to be with management and that is why Scion will stop with the production.

3. Scion tC

When the FR-S was launched, it dwarfed the tC and its future became questionable. Unlike the FR-S this model will not be transferred to Toyota and it won’t be produced anymore.

4. Lincoln MKS

This may come as a surprise, but the MKS has never been attractive. The only Lincoln characteristic of their flagship car is the sticker price, considering that the platform comes from a Ford Taurus and both cars are manufactured at the same plant. According to the company, they will substitute this model with the revamped Continental. So if you decide to buy this car, keep track because the price will certainly plummet.

5. Hyundai Genesis

This is good news actually. Hyundai decided to create a new luxury brand it was going to be called Genesis. The new brand will be a bitter rival to Lexus, Infiniti and Acura. If you want to compete in the luxury market you need an extravagant brand and Toyota was first to learn the lesson. The names of some existing cars will be changed and instead of Genesis and Equus, we will have G80 and G90 respectively.

6. Honda CR-Z

Although the CR-Z has a fashionable design it had no target buyers. Moreover, the hybrid model is not that great either. It remained between sporty and environmental friendly. The car isn’t as agile as it is supposed to be for its size. However, it will not be completely abolished, according to some rumors. It may come back as a 2018MY with turbocharged V6 good for 290 hp.

7. Dodge Viper

No-one can deny that the Viper is not appealing, considering that the car stuck with us for 25 years. The problem with it is that only 700 units are sold per year, which is far from enough. However, the company stopped producing this car in 2011, but it returned two years later with discount prices and many benefits. Unfortunately, it appeared that Dodge couldn’t attract customers. This seems to be the last year for Viper.

8. FCA Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country

According to the company, Caravan and Town and Country won’t be in the production line next year. The reason is simple – the demand for these minivans has dropped significantly. The company has high expectation of the overhauled 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, which will have to compensate for the loss of the two cars.

9. FCA Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200

The FCA decided to kill off the Dart and Chrysler 200 also. Although the sales of these two cars are decent, we are not familiar with the reason for discontinuing these vehicles. The first reason may be to create more space for SUVs and crossovers. The Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Durango are top sellers and it seems that the company wants to produce more similar vehicles but they lack capacity. So, instead of building a new factory, why not just rid of two mediocre models?

10. Cadillac SRX

Ever since it appeared on the market six years ago, the SRX has been astonishing SUV and the sales have been quite decent. The issue with this vehicle is that it hasn’t got any upgrades ever since it debuted. Now it will be replaced by a new model called XT5.

11. Jaguar XK

Jaguar decided that the XK is no longer suitable for the market and the production will stop in 2017. It is overshadowed by the F-Type and the main reason why it is being discontinued is to make room for the cars that will be tailored to buyer’s liking.

12. Cadillac ELR

The issue with this car is that it’s the company’s version of the Chevrolet Volt. Furthermore, it was launched at the same time when Model S saw the light of the day. The ELR won’t appear in 2017 because it costs $75,000, which is too much for what you get. In addition, only few cars were produced.