Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Redesigning ‘Follow’ And ‘Tweet’ Buttons


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), who is searching a new CEO, is currently headed by Jack Dorsey, who is making several favorable changes. Lately, Twitter’s core social networking service has been changed in a number of ways, and now the firm is doing it again.

Twitter making things simple for users

 On Tuesday, Twitter announced to launch a redesigned ‘Follow’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons next month. Since 2011, the background of both the buttons that appear on many websites has been light grey. Now, the micro-blogging firm will replace the background with signature Twitter blue or some other color close to it. Presently, the letters on the button are black and do no pop out much, but in the new buttons, letters will be white and pop out more than before.

Some technical changes accompany the new buttons that developers need to keep in mind. Explaining the updates, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Platform partner Niall Kennedy, said in a blog post that creating a tweet becomes quicker and easier, and the company has removed the share counter displayed alongside the tweet button, thus simplifying it. The count and counturl display parameters are removed in the new display, and “will render in the same pixel dimensions as a Tweet button configured without a share count today.”

Other changes

 Over the past five years, the Tweet button queries a JSON endpoint hosted on various domains, and displays the share count. The third-party developers make use of these private JSON endpoints for retrieving a simple share count of any URL. The tweet button will remove its share count feature next month, thus closing these endpoints. “The Twitter REST API’s search endpoints are the best way to gather ad-hoc information about a URL shared on Twitter; full-archive search counts are available from Gnip,” the executive said.

Other changes include suggestions on who to follow in the user’s timeline, removal of custom profile page background wallpaper, direct message desktop notifications, addition of birthdays on Twitter profiles, user profile previews, and the long direct messages.

Meanwhile, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has begun testing of products and place pages and collections allowing users to do things they could not do before. This is a good sign, indicating that though it is struggling, it is making efforts to overcome it troubles.