Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Chatter A Mirror To What People Like On TV [Study]

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) traffic seems to be a useful tool in understanding the viewers’ preference of entertaining themselves through watching television these days. According to a research conducted by Nielsen, an eminent name in the field of research, Twitter activity can now be used to predict what people like to watch on television.

Correlation between tweets and TV viewer’s interests

According to director of Neilson Neuro Division, Avgusta Shestyuk, “You can use the Twitter activity to predict the engagement of the show,” adding that both of them are somewhat related.

The research involved about 300 participants, whose brain reactions were recorded and analyzed using brain monitors while they watched fresh episodes of eight prime-time TV-shows. This was then followed by a comparison of measurements such obtained with the amount of messages tweeted about the same shows when they were being broadcasted. The researchers found that the degree of public’s engagement in a TV-show directly correlates to the volume of Twitter traffic observed.

Nielsen affirms that Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) chatter is an accurate indicator of overall public’s interest in a particular TV-show. In addition, the research findings are in line with the Twitter’s long-established assertion that due to it being a real-time public engagement network, it can act as a reliable instrument for gauging people’s varying moods and interests.

Welcome news for Twitter?

Nielsen’s finding is a welcome news for Twitter, which is in a constant battle with Facebook and other digital platforms for public attention during a broadcast of live events, sports and regular TV-series.

At present, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) accounts for about 63 million active users in the US and almost 280 million worldwide. Further, the micro-blogging site consistently shares the amount of tweets concerning special television events such as the Academy Awards, as well as of normally scheduled TV-shows indicating their popularity among the television viewers. Twitter use the same date to sell ads to the brands, who want to reach the audience while the show is being telecasted or just after it ends.

However, such findings could easily be weighed down by some critics arguing that a majority of the Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users comprise of younger population and those having sufficient knowledge about using computers. Also, the most important question is still left unanswered i.e. how much does the Twitter influence the TRP of a particular TV show?