Twitter Inc Popular Among Australians With 50,000 Additions A Month

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is having a golden time in Australia, where it’s adding nearly 50,000 new user accounts per month. Recently, a first of its kind study has been conducted for quantifying the local footprint of the platform through which this information has been revealed.

Twitter have not revealed Australian numbers

As per the reports released by the researchers at the Queensland University of Technology, there were 2.8 million Australian accounts on Twitter during last year’s September. Lead researcher Dr. Axel Bruns believes that the number of Australian Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) accounts should definitely have crossed the mark of 3 million by now. The financial results released last week by the company have revealed the information that in the last one year the number of active Twitter accounts has gone up by a massive 24% with 271 million active monthly users across the globe. The Australian figures haven’t been disclosed by the company as yet. “We still know very little about the use of Twitter in Australia,” Dr Bruns said.

Many filters were applied

It was a tough task to gain information from the existing 750 million profiles on Twitter and intensive data mining was done by Dr. Bruns to retrieve publicly available profile information, which helped in clarifying the things. Then a filter was used to segregate the accounts belonging to Australia with mentions of Australia and Australian states, territories, cities and towns. Accounts aligned with one of eight Australian time zones were also looked for by the research team. Few accounts had certain fictional locations in their profiles such as those used in movies like Finding Nemo, where 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney is one of the fictional locations. While there are possibilities that a single user can have multiple accounts and a single account can have multiple users, which might not give the real data. Adjustments cannot be made for those and the lump sum figure of total Australian accounts stands at 2.8 million, which roughly indicates nearly 12% of the Australian population. Most of the Australian users of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) are well educated and affluent as indicated by the research conducted by Dr. Bruns team. News, politics, arts and music are few clusters of interest around which the usage tends to converge. The urban areas have more users than the rural ones.