Twitter Inc (TWTR) Has Acquired Whetlab to Accelerate Machine Learning Efforts

Twitter building


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has acquired Whetlab to enhance Twitter’s machine learning efforts. Whetlab homepage displayed the featured image above as confirmation of the deal. terms were undisclosed of course.

Twitter Engineering has also tweeted a confirmation, saying they have acquired Whetlab to accelerate Twitter’s machine learning efforts.

Whetlab is a machine learning firm run by a team of five university professors specializing in machine learning. According to Whetlab about page, it’s “artificial intelligence that works”.

Twitter will most likely use Whetlab’s technology for analytics to enhance both user experience as well as business advertisement.

Whetlab’s technology helps to improve businesses improve their products. From millions of little probable decisions.

According to their website, Whetlab is looking to make an impact by joining Twitter as “the platform for open communications on the Internet”.