Twitter Inc (TWTR) Popular Third Party App MetroTwit No Longer Available

Twitter building

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users will soon see a popular third party app, MetroTwit closing its doors to the new users. The application started as a Photoshop concept in March 2010 followed by a release as a Windows desktop client for Twitter. At present, the user base of the app has expanded to more than 400,000, but the app will not be available for the new users due to capping on third party apps by Twitter.

“We reached out to twitter after they made the token limit announcement, but they did not offer to extend our cap,” Long Zheng, developer of MetroTwit said during an interview with The Verge.

API strategy to blame

MetroTwit has already started the process of removing the download links for both desktops and Windows 8 versions. Also, no new feature will be added to the existing app.

According to Zheng, the app team is going by a simple goal to create a great Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) experience for the desktop users. He said that the team is aware of the fact that Twitter developer API strategy has served the better purpose over the past few years. “It’s unfortunate this affects a small but enthusiastic group of Twitter users who enjoy third party clients.”

Those already using MetroTwit can continue using the app till the time Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) deviates its APIs in the future in a way that breaks the existing app. Users of MetroTwit are not happy by the closing of the app, but the process could not be avoided due to some unavoidable circumstances.

Twitter in transformation mode

The micro blogging site is keen to develop its own official clients, and enhancing the bond with them, but there is no Twitter desktop app for Windows yet. The official options that users can avail are Windows 8 and TweetDeck and Tweetium, a third party app for Windows 8, which is also gaining ground of late. In his interview, Zheng said that the team of developers are proud and satisfied with the work they have done, and it is always exploring new and interesting app opportunities in Windows.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is in the process of transforming its outlook by launching new updates to its website exhibiting new look and feel of iOS and Android apps. Some Twitter users have already adapted to the new look.