Twitter Inc (TWTR) Unveils Two New Features For Verified Users

Twitter building

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is continuously working towards developing new features for the users as well as advertisers, and the latest one targets the verified users.Twitter launched two new features on Wednesday exclusively for the users with blue check mark on their profile, which indicates that they are verified.

For verified users

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) posted the information on its blog saying that everyday people use Twitter to know about the world around them, of which some are famous figures from the field of as politics, entertainment, journalism and sports.

Within the new feature, the micro-blogging site alerts the verified users when they follow each other, giving them special treatment on iOS and Android platform. This feature can be good for the popular personalities, who want to know if someone starts following them.

In the second feature, the user can choose to view only verified users, a feature helpful for those with a large number of followers. This feature is not available for the Android users as of now, but iOS users can avail it.

New features to make life easier for celebrities

The micro-blogging site said that it helps in simplifying the advertising and make it even more effective, and also design features that allow the public figures and verified users to connect with the world in a better way. Twitter talked about its Notification filtering feature, which allows the celebrities to manage large volume of conversation.

This feature can prove to be a huge sigh of relief for the celebrities, who are often thrashed or criticised by their fans and sometimes even abused. For instance, recently daughter of late Robin Williams decided to delete her Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) account after two people sent her the photo shopped image alleging it was her father’s body. She decided to delete her account, before which she reported abuse against two Twitter users.

In a separate development, the company is testing a beta-version of its new feature called “promoted Video,” which will target the advertisers looking to upload and distribute videos to the Twitter network. The new feature would allow content producers to upload, share and “measure the distribution effectiveness of their video content on Twitter.”