Two Big Matches Set For Next Monday Night Raw


This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw has been pretty decent, but not really newsworthy. The shows after the pay per view are usually better, but we didn’t get any fallout moments from the No Mercy. The WWE decided to already put the wheels in motion for some new feuds and new matches, building towards their next Raw branded pay per view. In the process of doing that, they have set up two big duels for next week’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

The show opened up with Roman Reigns on the Miz TV talking about his big win from No Mercy where he beat John Cena in a blockbuster match. A lot of things got said after that which led to The Miz fighting Roman later in the show. The Big Dog was able to end up on the winning side, and the Intercontinental Championship match was set for the next week’s edition of Raw.

The second biggest battle was created when Dean Ambrose came out to challenge The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman. He was unsuccessful in his quest to beat him and ended up getting beaten up by Braun. Seth Rollins wasn’t just going to stand by and do nothing as his teammate is hurt.

He challenged Braun Strowman to a match next week, and they are going to throw hands on Monday. This is a battle that we hadn’t had a chance to see on the WWE TV, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they book Rollins in this one as he is always been positioned very well on the WWE TV. We’ll see how he looks against Monster Among Men.