Two Title Matches Moved To Wrestlemania 33 Pre-Show


Wrestlemania 32 was almost seven hours long, and it was pretty demanding. WWE wants to get as many people as possible on their biggest show of the year, so that is why the events of this magnitude are this long. Now, with the brand split in place, there are even more people for them to fit it on the card of the Ultimate Thrillride.

All of this means that some of the matches that are booked for the program will have to be on the kick-off show or the pre-show. WWE has just announced that there will be two title duels that will be on the pre-show, along with Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

One of those title battles is going to be a showdown for the Cruiserweight Title between Austin Aries and Neville, the King of the Cruiserweights. There is no doubt about the fact that Neville is the star of this division while Aries is another big name that should be able to elevate the cruiserweights. This will probably be a good match, and it’s a shame that it’s not going to be on the main card.


The other duel that was announced for the kick-off is Smackdown Women’s Title Match in which Alexa Bliss will defend the gold against every available woman on the blue brand’s roster. This match is going to be tough to predict as we don’t even know who might show up in the ring. That makes it all the more interesting, and it gives us all another reason to tune into the pre-show.