Unanticipated Tesla Product Will be Presented on October 17


According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, a product will be presented on October 17. He made this announcement on Twitter yesterday. As it seems, no-one really knows what product we are talking about. In addition, the mysterious product will be followed by Tesla/Solar City on the 28th.


Although nobody knows what will be revealed, Electrek might have a few logical ideas. They believe that this product may something to do with Autopilot 2.0. They are not certain, but the self-driving system may see some hardware enhancements and the modification of an advanced triple front-facing camera may be the one.

However, this may not be it, considering that Tesla released latest software update 8.0 for the Model S and Model X. With this update a radar has become more reliable and there have also been several improvements regarding some existing features.

Moreover, Tesla has added a completely new feature called “Cabin Overheat Protection”. System’s main purpose is to keep the safe temperature in the cabin for hours and thus protects pets or children.

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However, this new product might something to do with the Model 3. So far, we don’t have a clue what he is planning, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out. What do you think this product is?