United States Partial Shutdown, What It Means?

United States has decided upon a partial government shutdown, which will be the first in over the past two decades, and will affect 800,000 employees by sending them on unpaid leave, closing museums and national parks.

The house could not reach on any consensus over the decision to fund government spending, and shutdown was implemented at 12.01 a.m. Democrats and Republicans stood at odds and did not deter from their decisions over President Barack Obama’s much discussed controversial healthcare law known as Obamacare.

Services affected

Services that are considered non-essential will be shutdown including closing down of nations some of the hottest tourist destinations. Essential government employees like air traffic controllers and Border patrol agents will resume their work.

Obama said that every one of national parks and monuments will be immediately shutdown and tourists will be disappointed over this. Further, the small business, which depends upon these National parks and monuments for their livelihood, will go out of business as tourists will not visit these national properties.

The world famous attractions of United States that will be shut down are New York’s Statue of Liberty and the National Zoo in Washington, as well as, Yellowstone and other national parks

Internal Revenue service will stop the audits and taxpayers service, program for Children will be stopped, and 800,000 government employees will be affected and over millions will be asked to work without pay.

However, Obama signed a law on Monday ensuring that the 1.4 million duty personnel in military remain on duty and get the timely pay.

Blame game

United States will shut down after 17 years, which will be a blow to Wall Street and the global markets. Obama has issued warnings regarding the serious impacts that shutdown will put on the economy.

Shortly after midnight, Mr. Obama tweeted: “They actually did it. A group of Republicans in the House just forced a government shutdown over Obamacare instead of passing a real budget.”

President took the Republicans at the receiving end by blaming them for the shutdown.

“One faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government doesn’t get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election,” Mr. Obama said.

Republicans, on the other hand, are saying that Democrats are responsible for the shutdown as they did not agree upon any negotiations in the healthcare law.