Unlikely Team Is On The Longest Winning Streak In The NBA


It’s always expected that the best teams in the NBA are the holders of the longest winning streaks in the NBA. Warriors had a 24-game win streak last season, and they were the best that NBA had to offer. Usually, squads with good record also are on the winning streaks as they have these good win ratios because of the consecutive wins.

But, right now, a team that is nowhere near the Playoff picture in the East is the same squad that has won eight matches in a row. They are holding the best streak in the NBA right now after their win against the Brooklyn Nets. Goran Dragić has stepped up his game as a playmaker for the Heat, Whiteside is also doing his thing on the both sides of the ball.

Erik Spoelstra deserves a lot of credit as well as he is the one that is coaching this lottery-caliber team to a winning record in the month of January.


One of the biggest reasons for their recent success was Dion Waiters as he has given the Heat a huge boost in 2017. He has been great against the Warriors, the best team in the NBA, no doubt about that. His clutch shooting in that duel, as well as in other games, has been crucial for the Heat as they do lack that big-time playmaker in the deciding moments of matches ever since Wade left South Beach this summer.

Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets are the teams that don’t have a winning record right now but are in the Playoff picture in the Eastern Conference. If the Heat can continue playing this kind of basketball, they might be able to catch those rivals and make the Playoffs even though nobody expected them to be near the postseason picture.