UnMetric Analytics Reveal Which Facebook Inc (FB)’s Posts Are ‘Organic’ or ‘Paid’

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) the social networking site’s posts analytics is now possible. The company, Unmetric, has been able to infer, to the extent of 96% accuracy, which posts on Facebook Inc are ‘organic’ or true posts, and which posts are ‘paid’ posts.

Typically, the posts on Facebook Inc are either organic or paid posts. Organic posts are genuine posts by the profile owner. These are then liked or shared by the fans and followers.

However, in the case of paid posts, the writer/poster of the posts will receive remuneration by the company. This could be for uploading the post, liking the post, or sharing the post.

A process similar to a campaign is followed with paid posts, says Unmetric. The company states that with its analytics technology it has been able to decipher a fixed pattern with how the organic posts and paid posts are shared and liked.

Unmetric revealed that, in the case of organic posts the sharing, liking, and other activity within a few hours of uploading the post or for a few days after the post was published.

In the case of the organic post, the activity around the post was more distributed and extended over several weeks.

The analytics is expected to show 96% accuracy, while closest competitor, SocialBakers, claims 90% accuracy in determining the different posts.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has recently introduced new algorithms which direct the flow of organic posts, based on the personality of the user. This means that companies will not be able to offer organic posts to all users on FB, and will be visible only if they are liked by the user. The restriction by FB now means that businesses will have more paid posts on the anvil to reach broader spectrum of users.