Upcoming Aristst Slaybae XOXO Launches a new Song


They say sex sells everything today. You have it everywhere – from video game commercials to the music industry. Right on the music scene, sex has been the stronghold for the last decade – and it looks like it will stay that way for a while. So it’s no wonder that sexy Instagram stars like Slaybae have recognized that as a potential for business expansion and further music career success.


Sex Does Sell Everything

What business to start to turn your brand into an ATM that just takes? Well, it is quite certain that it must be something provocative. Even today, handsome girls eager for fame and success are pushed into that ATM without any questions. However, among these girls, some are a little smarter and who will respond to the challenge in such a way – that they will manage to place themselves well and earn money.

There are various ways for someone to notice you on social media and to be able to actually make money that way. Slaybae xoxo chose the path of nudity and sexual provocation. Her Instagram profile is full of provocative pictures, and this young star doesn’t seem to hesitate to show a little more skin. Her numerous followers, mostly men – sigh for her lush curves. Her companions, popularly called Slaymates, agree that this lady is very attractive – but also that she has other talents that will finally come to the fore with the help of her sex appeal.

Introducing: Slaybae


This young and ambitious lady first gained experience (and notoriety) as a traditional model for brands such as Manscaped men’s care products; building on this early success, she quit her job in late 2019 and devoted herself entirely to creating her own content channels, guided by her vision.

By March, Slaybae XOXO was making 5 figures a month through a social media presence built around her Instagram account. Her fresh face, stunning body, and utterly commanding poise earned her a massive following that continues to grow. But no one, not even Slaybae, could have foreseen all of that.

“It took a lot of nerve to jump in the way I did, and a lot of inspirational YouTube videos” she remembers with a laugh. “But mostly a lot of hard work. I’d expected a period of groundwork and development, and to build my independent-modeling business slowly. But things took off so quickly that what I’d planned to accomplish in a year was done by Easter.”

Slaybae XOXO: Instant Fame Or Smart Marketing?

The moment she decided to turn her interest in the provocation, sex appeal, and music into a sexy online diary on Instagram, Slaybae XOXO became one of the greatest stars. She may not have even dreamed that her “occupation” would become her job, but today she is followed by over 88.6 K people on this social network – and is one of the most influential Instagram personalities. This young lady is one of those who think that sex, nudity, and provocation are very effective ways of attracting attention.

And she has proved that she really has so many things to show. You can see it for yourself, just take a look at some of Slaybae’s intriguing photos. However, this job is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It requires numerous investments and sacrifices. As in any job, the more you work, the more you progress – so it can be said that it is a very demanding job. Why? Simply because the more you share yourself and your day, the more satisfied your companions are. On the other hand, you are your own “boss” and you determine and dose everything yourself – which is a great thing. But that’s her job and Slaybae loves it, and she can’t imagine a day without it!

Her Step Into The Music Industry

The Popular Instagram model now prepares to conquer the music world. In just three months, Slaybae XOXO has earned more than a quarter-million followers on Instagram. And that’s just the beginning. The sought-after model, who has loved music her whole life, recently announced the imminent drop of her first single, Ooo Daddy”.

To keep things democratic, Slaybae has chosen to release the single on YouTube, Itunes, and Spotify. The song drops in June 2024. The single marks a new chapter in the career of one of the social media’s fastest-rising stars. Just six months ago, Slaybae XOXO was getting by on a $12/hour retail job and wondering when her big break would come. That’s when she decided to make her own luck. Slaybae had always planned to use her modeling career to advance her lifelong passion for music, and she was ready when the time was right.

“I’ve been around musicians since I was a kid,” she notes, “I would have pursued music on my own if my influencer career hadn’t taken off the way it did. But when the time was right, I was ready to step into the studio.”

Will “Daddy” Go Right To The Top?

The single “Ooo Daddy” will mark the official launch of Slaybae XOXO’s YouTube channel – which will also host a variety of music and personal videos. It’s just the next step in the career of this ambitious newcomer, who’s poised to dominate 2024 as the year unfolds. We’re sure you wanna take a peak to some of that, so catch the video on Slaybae XOXO’s YouTube channel

Slaybae’s Music Rule Models

Slaybae XOXO lists her inspirations as Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Danileigh, and Doja Cat. Those influences are enough to give a clue about what fans have to look forward to in “Ooo Daddy”. “My first single is about using my sexual persona to dominate men who are happy to be dominated,” she continues. “It’s about the pleasures of seizing power and surrendering it—about kinks and fetishes. But ultimately, as George Clinton said, it’s about freeing your mind so that your ass will follow.”