Update On When Jeff Hardy Will Return

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Jeff and Matt Hardy made their WWE return this year at Wrestlemania where they won the tag team championships in a fatal four-way battle. Even though many people wanted them to return as Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, everybody was happy that they came back to where it all began. One of the most popular teams of all time came back home, to the WWE.

Their title run got a bit stale after more than a month, and the company realized that they need to take the belts off them. Sheamus and Cesaro won the championships which was a good move by the company. After all, the babyface team is the one that is supposed to chase.

After a couple of months of not really making an impact in the division and just being a nostalgia act, Jeff and Matt Hardy had very little to do on Monday Night Raw. WWE has even thought about separating the two and having them compete as singles stars.

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That plan would have probably been executed if Jeff didn’t hurt his shoulder. Right after Summerslam, Jeff needed to take a break because of that injury. Originally, it seemed that Hardy was not going to be able to wrestle in 2017 at all.

Now, we know that he is aiming for the return in April, maybe at Wrestlemania, but more likely after Wrestlemania season is over.

Here is what he had to say about how his recovery is going.

“So far so good, my physical therapist says it’s moving great. It doesn’t feel great, naturally it hurts, I can only do so much. But I’m on the right track, so, hopefully, after another month I’ll be able to lift a little weight and start building up my chest and my arms. Hopefully, by April, I’ll be good to go and actually get back in the ring and do what Jeff Hardy loves to do.”