US Open Has A New King. Wawrinka Beats Djokovic In Thrilling Encounter

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Again we witnessed the fantastic match between Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka. In this clash of first and third player in the world, we saw incredible shots from both sides but at the end, Wawrinka managed to take the trophy.

The first set was going greatly in favor of world’s number one, but Wawrinka did not give up. Even Djokovic had a 5-3 lead and serving for the set Stan managed to take the game on his serve. Immediately after that, he equalized to 5-5. Both players were good on their serve’s and set went to the tie-break. Just like in many cases before Djokovic took this one and with relative ease and 7-1 result meaning that the score is now 11-2 when it comes to tiebreaks.

The second set started with both players taking their serve but than Wawrinka brought the big guns and went to 3-1. He managed to take the next game for 4-1 and Djokovic took his serve. After this Serb had won few games in a row for 4-4 but this wasn’t enough since Stan managed to take this set 6-4.

The third set didn’t start all that well for Djokovic and to be honest, it didn’t end well. Wawrinka had problems with his serve but managed to take it after which Novak started his game well but not for long as Stan break him. Again, Djokovic managed to get back into this set and to equalize to 4-4 after which both players took their serves, but Wawrinka breaks in the 12th game and wins the third set.

The fourth set start is like a dream for Wawrinka; he quickly managed to break Novak and 3-0 was the score on the screen. Novak takes his serve and asks for a medical timeout that has been approved, and we can see the physio on the court. It is obvious that Serb has problems and this medical time out might help him. Match continues and Stan is serving and takes the game while Djokovic missed few very nice opportunities to rebreak. Next two games were taken by servers, and the score was 4-2 for Wawrinka. Physio comes to the court again, and again Novak has big problems. It was a question if he will be able to finish this match. Even it was a hard situation Serb decided to continue the match but only for it to go in Stan’s way with 6-3.

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Final score Novak Djokovic vs. Stan Wawrinka 3-1 in sets and 7-6; 4-6; 5-7; 3-6.

Fantastic match, fantastic players, fantastic crowd. It is a real shame that Djokovic had problems, but he is a big sportsman and congratulated to Stan on the well-deserved victory.