7 Reasons you should use an Email Verifier for your Business


Spam and phishing emails are a huge problem, especially in business. As you know, email marketing is still an essential part of every digital strategy, that may result in revenue when you want to sell some product or service to your clients. Sometimes, our contact lists are full of inactive addresses, emails with a typo, junks, and non-existent domains, and that can lead to an inbox folder full of delivery reports, or spam replies.

Also, some of the contacts you already have may have changed their job titles, and they are not relevant for the content you try to share with them. In order for your business to grow, you need real contacts and clients, and if you verify the list, you can improve your strategy, and look for the relevant contacts to be added. Then, you are saving your reputation, and prevent yourself from blocking or ignoring. Services like debounce.io will help you monitor your list, and remove the suspicious addresses from it, creating a more effective strategy and improving the sales results. A verifier is a platform, software, or service that is specialized in detecting and removing invalid and suspicious addresses from your mailing list, and here are a few reasons why you need to consider using it:


1. It will automatically check the complete list

If you have a really long list of contacts, you can’t check the emails one by one if they are still valid or not. There are some free services that really work for a few addresses, but if you need to check a bunch of them, you must find something more effective, as the verifiers we are talking about here. Saving time should be your priority when you develop a marketing strategy for your campaign because it will lead to increased effectiveness and spending acceptable amounts of money on it.

2. Deleting non-existing emails

When a company shuts down, the domain can be sold again to someone, or it’s inactive for a few years until someone decides to repurchase it. It’s not unusual to have non-existent domains in your list, but as we said, if it’s very big, you don’t really have a lot of options to find them by simply looking over it. This is the moment when the verifier jumps in, and detects all the potentially inactive domains, and removing them from the list. Also, if you have some person’s mail, and you don’t know if they have the same job, these services will detect if the address you have is still active or redirected to another person, so you can be able to update the contacts.

3. Another service provider

People are changing a lot of things, looking for better features and user experience. When that happens, the email you have may not be valid, and you need to look for that person, so you can have the real address. If this is the case, you won’t be able to reach out to them, and your email will get back to you. This happens pretty often with the corporate addresses because every company is looking for a better service provider, especially if they have a lot of employees, or start new services pretty often.

4. Avoiding spam addresses


No one is safe from spam, and they can somehow enter your mailing list, or there are those phishing addresses that will use your data, and send messages in your name. It’s not easy to detect them with a simple looking through the contacts, but the verifier will check every address you have there, for these suspicious actions, and prevent catch-all emails, that may lead to getting in spam net, and putting your contact on a blacklist, or even ending blocked because you are spamming another people by your activity. Surely it’s not easy to maintain all of these processes without some issues every now and then, and that’s the main reason why you need these verifiers for your work.

5. A better return of investment

After you validate your email lists, you can help your company save money on marketing strategies. Every message to an invalid or inactive contact is just using the money for the resources and brings nothing back in revenue. The overall performance of your campaign depends on the organic activities, and with “empty” addresses, and non-existent domains, you can’t do anything, but lose the time and money, without anything good getting back to you. Also, you won’t be able to estimate the expectations from the campaign, because you will get unexpected results, and all the efforts won’t be worth it if you don’t clean-up the whole list.

6. Fraud prevention


The phishing emails will always find a way to enter your mailing list and manipulate the other addresses, and the content and attachments you are trying to send. Sometimes, some clients will join your site with a burner type of email, which is self-destroying, but the system will keep the log, and save the address in your list. That will create a loop, where you are sending messages, and they are coming back to you. Also, someone can use this data and manipulate the purpose, so they can complete some agenda for them.

7. The recipients will always be authentic

After you verify the list, you will be able to deliver the message only to authentic recipients. So, your communication will be authentic all the time, without delivery errors. That will make you a trusted sender, and prevent you from marking as spam.

No matter how “old school” the mailing strategy looks to you, it’s an important part of almost every strategy. Having a clean contact list is also crucial because all of these things we mentioned in this article should be your priority if you practice this type of advertising in your company.

Also, you should use verified and legitimate services, so you can avoid unpleasant situations, that will lead you to end in the spam and phishing loops, which is really bad for every business in this world.