7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Agent Desktop

Technology is moving at a fast pace, especially in the customer service industry. Agent Desktop is the golden gem that contact centers must have out of the numerous software used in this industry. Undoubtedly many have already started with it. Still, the question remains why isn’t there an exponential growth in customer acquisition or satisfied customers. If your contact center is using an agent desktop or yet to buy one, here are few things you need to understand to create an exceptional customer experience and improve agent efficiency.

  1. Easy to use interface and features – Always remember that software is rated high according to its features and easy interface. After all, you have invested money in the technology to ease agents’ lives and deliver an amazing customer experience. A cluttered or complicated interface creates an issue with agents as they require training and tend to have problems juggling between features. Not all your agents are technically sound to handle such issues. They get stuck in such things and tend to focus less on customer conversations.
  2. Struggling with customer information – Another major mistake during a call is starting it with the wrong customer information or asking for it time and again. This irritates the caller and affects the customer experience negatively. If such an issue happens at your contact center, then your agent desktop isn’t offering optimum performance. This is a significant issue faced by the call center and its customers. This is majorly due to the integration struggle companies have to go through.
  3. Confusion of data with multiple applications – Even if after using an agent desktop, if there is a need to switch between numerous applications then the software is not performing the task it is designed or purchased for. When switching application, the agent is likely to lose call context and even increase call handle time. It might also need the agent to ask the customer to repeat details for verifications.
  4. Too much information on a single screen – Overloading the screen with multiple details is yet another mistake made by contact centers. Many people carry a perception of ‘the more the better, but that’s not always effective. In the case of contact centers, all information loaded on a single screen can confuse the agents. They have to struggle again, classifying which information is required by them. The juggle between multiple fields further reduces call resolution and increases average call handle time. The confusion with data may even make the agent end up communicating the wrong product or service. An agent desktop with the option to optimize the interface is needed today. Since an agent has no time to get stuck with coding, NovelVox unified agent desktop allows you to play around with the interface for optimum performance. A simple drag and drop can help you align the needed fields and remove the unwanted ones.
  5. Ignoring integration – Agent Desktop came into the picture to empower agents with a 360-degree view of customer information. If your agent desktop does not offer integration, you lack excellent agent and customer experience with the software. For instance, NovelVox Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop offers over 70 3rd party applications integration. This enables the agent to have customer information on the screen even before answering the call. With integration in place, the agent can save significant time lost in asking customer information and use it in having a quality conversation.
  6. Agent support tools – Software used by the contact center industry is always designed to simplify agents’ lives and deliver exceptional customer experience. That requires your agent desktop to have built-in gadgets to support agents with better call resolution and quality conversation. Some of the pre-built gadgets include


    1. Knowledge base- It is a universe of information. All data required by an agent to educate themselves and the caller is present here. So, a customer can now better understand your product and services and have a quality conversation with agents
    2. Ticketing gadget- The gadget eases creating, editing and resolving tickets while on the call. So, agents will not lose the call context and offer an instant resolution to the customer. The gadget also allows agents to further allocate the ticket to the required team or agent for quick action.
    3. Agent scripting tool – An essential gadget every agent desktop must have. It is a series of the dynamic guided script to make every agent sound more experienced. Even a newbie can handle calls with high efficiency. The scripts can also be further optimized basis the department, product features to be pitched, sale scenario, and more.

7. One-size fits all template – Most companies purchase agent desktop but forget that one-size-fits template cannot work for every business and industry. This hits the agent’s performance largely. They have to struggle with finding and sharing information with the caller. Subsequently, increasing call handle time and more frustrated customers. While buying the software, reconfirm if the interface is best for your business or if it can be further optimized at any point in time. For instance, a telecom industry agent needs a field related to tariffs, plans, and more, but these fields will not work for an insurance company agent. Such optimization plays a crucial role in improving agent efficiency and call resolution.


Finesse Agent desktop comes with numerous features. It depends on the contact center to wisely select the elements and make use of them. Being unaware of the potential of this contact center solution may lead to a downfall in customer experience. We live in an era where time and technology are the food and water. So, if your agents are still stuck with old systems, you are likely to lose a massive number of your existing customers. Evolve with the evolving technology and upgrade your system before your customer upgrades to your competitor. It is about creating the experience and not just sales. Create customers for a lifetime and not just a moment.