Vancouver – Dwayne Johnson’s beloved city with a personal story attached to it

image source: instagram

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is a man of many tastes, but when it comes to cities, there is no question about it – Vancouver is his No.1. He showed this to everybody on Instagram sometime last week when he posted a vid of a personal story about his connection to Vancouver. As it turns out Dwayne is in town filming his new action blockbuster called Skyscraper, and he used that opportunity to record the English Bay from a balcony overlooking it.

One of Dwayne’s lines from the vid “I’ve got to show you guys this view, it is spectacular, of one of my favourite cities in the world, Vancouver, Canada” undoubtedly show just how much love he has for the place. This is mainly because he has had “shed blood and sweat” here during his multiple wrestling matches as well as film shoots.

But do not think that this is the thing that actually ties him to Vancouver, no! The thing that will always connect him to the city is the time he played NFL. Johnson explained “One thing a lot of people don’t know, that I want to share with you guys, is when I was 22 years old, I came to this city for the first time, I was playing in the Canadian Football League, playing my first pro football game. I was playing for the Calgary Stampeders, we were playing the BC Lions, I was so excited. Two days later I got cut, dreams shattered, sent home with seven bucks in my pocket.”

image source: instagram

When the dream of playing in NFL shattered like glass, this superstar turned to something else, thank God, and it was WWE and later on acting. At first, he looked at the entire situation with a whole lot of regret and sorrow, but years later, when he looks at that now from a king’s throne he sees that as “…the best thing that never happened, because it got me here.” You know Dwayne has a lot of deep thoughts and life lessons he wants the world to know, and this time he has one as well – the one thing we think we want, may turn out to be the wrong path, so according to Dwayne “just have faith, and just keep that in mind and keep plugging away.”

Johnson’s new “hostage-action-thriller set in China,” according to IMDB, will be released in 2018 and besides Dwayne, in the Skyscraper, you will also see Neve Campbell and Pablo Schreiber.