Vickie Guerrero Wants Another Run In The WWE


When it comes to getting the fans to boo you and hate you, there is almost nobody in the history of the WWE that did a better job than Vickie Guerrero. As soon as she came out and walked down the ramp, she would get killed by the crowd. It really didn’t matter if she was just a manager for some wrestler or the GM of a brand. Everybody loved to hate Vickie Guerrero.

Whether it was those angry facial expressions that she did, or that annoying voice that you just hated to hear, or maybe even her terrible catchphrase “Excuse me,” you know that you hated her guts as soon as she showed up on either Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. If the company ever needs a heel general manager, Vickie Guerrero is somebody that they should call right away.

In fact, it seems that she would like that very much as this woman stated that during a recent interview. Here is what Vickie had to say about potentially returning to WWE one day as well as her opinion on the hate that she was receiving while she had her run with the company.

“They all hated me; no one liked me back then. No, my Mom probably liked me. To be hated was something I wasn’t expecting. I look back and see how much hate I got from the fans, it was actually pretty thrilling for me. You know you have done your job well when people love to hate you. When the fans are face to face with me they say “Oh I love you, you’re so great” but on Twitter and the Internet they hate me. It’s fun to joke with them and give them a hard time.”

There is no doubt that Vickie was one of the greatest heel managers ever. Right now, we have mostly babyfaces as GMs of the brands. But as soon as the company decides to flip a switch, Guerrero is the person that they should be calling.