VIDEO: Turned over and sliding on the roof won the race!

Macau Grand Prix GT World Cup was a place that hosted a kinda weird event that you see pretty much only once in a lifetime. Apparently, Laurens Vanthoor, the driver of Audi R8 LMS, held the first position during the race, and at one point his rival in Porsche manage to overtake him and get in front of him. After that Vanthoor decided to risk it all and take back what was his, stepped on the gas and made an error which nearly cost him his life. Thanks to dumb luck or a hand of God, Vanthoor managed to get away without a scratch from the incident after which he solely managed to get out of the car and walk away. This certainly is one of the weirdest accidents anyone has seen, and the result of all this is that the driver finished as a winner sliding on the roof of his vehicle.

High speed and lack of attention were probably the things that resulted in Vanthoor’s Audi R8 LMS to lose control and hit the Armco barrier after which he flew in the air, landed on the roof of the car. He was in the middle of the track and sliding on the straight part straight to the checkered flag which bizarrely made him a victor of the race. But what exactly happened is next – right after the accident, the race was called off and automatically after that the ranking is decided by previous lap’s results. Thanks to the fact that Vanthoor was a leader on the last lap he automatically became a winner of the Macau race. How much of his luck did he spend in only one lap? Crazy.

After all of this jumble and confusion after the race finished, they managed to determine that the Audi R8 LMS’s driver is apparently uninjured and OK. After he realized what has happened one of the journalists from Motorsport asked Vanthoor if he thinks that he has deserved this win. It was a legit question because in the moment of accident rival from Porsche took over the lead on which Vanthoor, visibly confused, answered that he doesn’t even know what to think about that and that he isn’t sure that the win was deserved.

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