(VIDEO) Watch Dak Prescott Hit a Wide Open Jason Witten for a Cowboys TD

It is not all gloomy and dark, we still have reasons to smile.

We saw Denver Broncos pretty much destroying Dallas Cowboys, and their offense really runs over everything that Dallas tried to do on the defensive side of the ball. This was the situation through the most of the match, but we saw a glimpse of hope that things could be better in the near future.

Dak Prescott managed to hit Jason Witten in the last quarter. That late TD showed that offense still might be good and that Dak could be very productive in the next few games. On the other hand, unfortunately, Ezekiel Elliott was simply nonexistent on the field.

Performance on this one drive was far from enough to make a comeback, but it is still better to see them battling like this and not allowing Denver to annihilate them.