Vikings Season 5 – Ivar’s Opponent Will Be Played By Jonathan Rhys Meyers [Spoilers]

In the Season 5 of the popular series Vikings, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will join the cast, and he will be in the role of a religious character that will be very important.

For the Vikings fans, Season 4 has been exactly what everyone expects from the TV Series – full of surprises. Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel had to say goodbye to his son Ivar as his journey takes him to Aelle, where he is going to die. In order to avenge his father, Ragnar’s three sons Ubbe, Ivar and Sigurd gathered an army, which will help them fight in England. Bjorn is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha, and his role is changing as he is becoming more of a leader, but it is Ivar who will be the key character.

The creator of the show, Michael Hirst talked about the new character with Entertainment Weekly. He mentioned that Jonathan will play the role of a crazed and deeply religious character called Heahmund, who was a medieval Bishop of Sherborne ordained in 868. Michael said: “He’s a man of Wessex, and he’s gonna come in as a worthy opponent to Ivar. His whole life is about deeply passionate commitments. He’s a wild card who happens to be [played by] Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is himself kind of a wild card!”

Bjorn and Ivar played by Alexander Ludwig and Alex Hogh Anderson respectively will definitely try to put their differences aside and deal with Heahmund. Many viewers are shocked that Heahmund is introduced this late in the show and his role will change the course of action for some of the main characters.

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Michael Hirst have already worked together on “The Tudors,” and according to Michael, nobody could play the role of Heahmund better than Jonathan. The first time we are going to see Jonathan will be in the Season 4 finale, while the Season 5 is expected to air later in 2017.

Stay tuned for more details.