Viktor Troicki is getting married. Will Novak Djokovic be the best man?

For his wedding with Aleksandra Djordjevic, Viktor Troicki hired the most expensive team of stylist, decorators, designers and chefs. The D-day for Viktor is 27th of November, and he is saving no money to make that day one to remember. He even went as far to give his future wife ‘carte blanche’ when it comes to wedding finances. This looks like a risky move, knowing just how big of a spender’s women can be, but Troicki doesn’t seem to care.

Being too busy with tournaments he just couldn’t find a time to participate in wedding plans and that is the main reason why he left all decision-making to his future wife. He even stated that he will sign every check that comes his way just to make everything in accordance with Aleksandras wishes.

The wedding will be held in one of the Belgrade‘s most luxurious and prestigious hotels. Entrance to the hotel together with ballroom will be fully decorated with natural flowers. Entire ceiling will be covered with all sorts of decorations that will be in perfect harmony with the tables beneath them.

Invitations have been already sent, and every envelope looks different, and it is created specifically for every guest. Table of the newlyweds will be a story of its own with flower decorations on it costing a couple of thousands of euros.

The menu will be created by few chefs so that the food will have diversity for everyone’s taste. Aleksandra, the future wife of Viktor Troicki, will parade the party in various dresses from some of the world’s most famous designers. Guests will be entertained by some of the most famous Serbian singers, and this is the only part of the organization in which Viktor had his saying. The way things currently stand it looks like everything is under control and well planned. All but one thing.

The question that stayed lingering in the air is the question of best man. Two names are still in the game. Janko Tipsarevic and Novak Djokovic. We all know how much Djokovic is used to winning but this time he could be defeated because the rumors that are circling around say that the honor of being Viktor’s best man will go to Janko.

One way or another we wish happy wedding and all the best to Viktor and his future wife.