Vince McMahon Doesn’t Like Finn Balor?


When Finn Balor made his main roster debut, everybody was excited about him and wanted this guy to succeed. WWE has seen what kind of potential he has and has booked him to look really good in his first ever Monday Night Raw appearance where he booked a ticket for the Championship match at 2016 Summerslam with Seth Rollins. He won that triple-threat clash and also beaten Roman Reigns.

Actually, he is the last person to pin Roman clean. That can tell you just how big of a deal Balor was for the company. After winning the Universal Championship at the biggest show of the summer, all the plans that WWE had for him needed to be dropped as he suffered an injury that sidelined him for quite a while. The Demon King had to wait until after Mania to make his comeback.


Nobody really understood why he didn’t get the title shot that he deserved since he never lost his title. The company seemingly forgot about that and didn’t want to mention it. Finally, there were reports that he was going to headline the Royal Rumble pay per view with Lesnar. According to Meltzer, those plans were dropped.

Now, is stating that there were never plans for Balor to challenge Lesnar in January. It seems that Vince McMahon doesn’t really like the Balor character and that he believes the leader of Balor Club doesn’t have what it takes to be a main event star. Outside of his Demon persona, the Chairman and the CEO obviously think that Balor’s character is bland right now.

Time will tell if he is just another Dolph Ziggler or if the WWE actually push him and show some faith in this man. Right now, Balor is going to stay somewhere in the mid-card.