Vince McMahon Loves To See One Raw Superstar Taking A Beating


There are a lot of hard-working people in the WWE that are writing the script for two shows each and every week. Still, at the end of the day, all the major decisions and the final word on everything comes from the CEO of the company himself, Vincent Kenedy McMahon. He is the one that gives the direction to the writers of how to book some guys. When it comes to one Monday Night Raw superstar, Vince likes him getting beat up each and every week.

The name of that Superstar is Enzo Amore. With his size, it is clear that he is not going to go far as a singles competitor. Enzo is one of the best talkers in the world of wrestling. That is his biggest talent, and that is why he is on the main roster. Being in a tag team with Big Cass seems like his ceiling in the WWE. When this two wrestle, Enzo is usually the one that takes the beating from others before he somehow reaches Big Cass for a hot tag. Then, the 7-footer always clears the ring, tags in Enzo and they do their finisher.


Vince loves when Enzo is the one that takes all the damage. He likes Amore for his abilities on the mic, but believes that he doesn’t have much to offer when in comes to the in-ring work.

“There’s people backstage that, I guess Vince McMahon, that love to watch Enzo just get rag dolled,” Dave Meltzer said. “That’s why his character is this character because Vince thinks that’s his character.”

When you have a guy like Enzo, who is not known for being a tall and muscular wrestler, you can’t have him easily dealing the damage to the others that are far bigger than him. Still, that doesn’t mean that he can’t bring the fight to his opponents and try his best. Right now, the only toughness he is showing in the ring is when he is doing everything he can to reach Cass for the big, hot tag.