5 Benefits of Virtual PBX Systems for your Business


In the 21st century, you would hardly find any commercial business that has not digitalized itself in one way or the other to improve productivity and make the production lines seamless. As businesses have started taking steps towards being digital, there is one crucial aspect that most organizations forget about upgrading – communications.

Using old offline PBX systems would have made sense a decade ago but they don’t make sense right now, especially when multiple other alternatives are available that can provide more value to your business organization. These alternatives are none other than virtual PBX systems that work on cloud storage and internet protocols to enhance your business capabilities.

There are various virtual PBX systems out right now with their own set of features that can help your employees and your business in one way or the other and you can check here to find out more about them. These virtual PBX systems completely streamline the way your business works, improving your business communications by multiple folds.

They offer several benefits over the older PBX systems that make them an investment worth funding. In this article, we will list several benefits of virtual PBX systems and how they can improve the utility as well as the work value in your organization. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Drastic cost-reduction


One of the worst things about offline PBX systems is the hefty hardware costs they come with. These costs can negate all the profits your business gains from communication and drive your business into loss if they aren’t regulated properly. Virtual PBX systems resolve this issue by introducing a cloud storage system that comes along with its own free maintenance.

You will not only save on hefty hardware costs but also save on the maintenance costs required for it since most virtual PBX providers provide maintenance by themselves without any extra costs. Also, since the system is entirely virtual, you don’t have to worry about the costs of receiving or transmitting international calls.

A virtual PBX system helps you connect with your international branches and customers with minimal costs. With a virtual PBX system integrated into your business, you won’t ever have to worry about your PBX systems bringing down your company’s revenue.

Less hardware clutter and failures


Another annoying aspect of offline PBX systems is that they require a lot of hardware storage and capacity to function. Systems have improved vastly more than before, where you needed to dedicate entire rooms to PBX hardware just to communicate with a large number of people.

However, offline systems still demand enormous physical space and leave considerable clutter behind that is undesirable for any workspace. Not to forget that this hardware is extremely susceptible to hardware failures or power shortages which can bring all ongoing operations down.

No business wants that to happen which is why many top businesses choose virtual PBX systems as their solution. A virtual PBX system is based entirely on the cloud and functions without the need for any excess hardware infrastructure. This keeps the aesthetics in your workplace neat and tidy and makes your organization more digital.

Also, because of the digital nature of the system, it is not affected by hardware damage nor power failures like offline systems which ensures that your operations can continue on even in times of emergency. If you want know more about PBX systems check out ULTATEL.

Reduced time


Setting up a standard offline PBX system in your business is an expensive process – in terms of both time and money. Fixing a place for the hardware, calling in technicians to set up the prerequisite wiring and communication devices, then calling in again to install the system – all these processes can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to complete.

For a growing business, spending such large amounts of time on setting up just one aspect of the business doesn’t make sense at all. On the other hand, setting up a cloud-based PBX system is much quicker and streamlined. All you need to do is find a reliable virtual PBX provider which is very easy to find and tell them the number of systems you want to install the PBX system on. That’s it!

With a few minutes of software installation, you will have access to your very own PBX system that is ready for use out of the box without any worries.



A business doesn’t stay the same as time passes on. For a business to be successful, it needs to continuously grow and adapt to new technologies to keep its market worth relevant and retain its competitive edge in the market. That isn’t possible when you still use old and standard PBX systems.

Unlike standard PBX systems which can’t scale as well because of physical limitations, cloud-based virtual PBX systems can fully accommodate your business’ growth. These systems upgrade themselves automatically when you need them to keep up with your business’ growing demands.

New lines for a temporary busy period of time can be easily obtained from your service providers when you know you will be receiving a lot of calls. The scalability works in reverse as well. When you don’t need the services of a virtual PBX as much as before, you can ask your service provider and they will shut down some extra lines that can save you considerable amounts of money.

Technological versatility

One of the best things about virtual PBX systems is the versatility they offer for communicating. Your employees don’t necessarily need to be in the workplace to attend calls or manage clients, they can do so from the comfort of their homes or while they are traveling. Since the technology is based entirely on VoIP, calls can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

This is an especially handy feature in today’s times where many businesses are forced to keep their employees at home because of lockdown restrictions. This versatility cannot be offered by hardware PBX systems whose communications are limited to just one place.


There are several benefits of using virtual PBX systems for your business instead of standard ones and we hope this article provided insights on some of them. If it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.