Visual Search – A New Era of Google Search

With the level at which technology has advanced, searching for items has advanced as well. People can now use images to find things instead of the traditional means of making use of text.

This post is all you need to know about visual search and how it has become the new era of Google search.

What is Visual Search?

Visual search is a new era of Google search that involves artificial intelligence technology to help those running a search on Google. The visual search technology works just as the name suggests as it takes away the need to use text and applies real-world imagery in the search functions.

Therefore, when you take a photograph of whatever object you need to find, it uses the picture to run your search. For example, if the picture is taken with the help of Google Lens, the software searches and then identifies the objects in the image. It then goes on to provide search results that are related to the object to the user.

Visual search technology has been a remarkable addition to the world of eCommerce as it produces a more precise result than texting. Digital stores and brands can add images to their content, and once it is properly optimized, it increases the chance of them popping up during a search.

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What is the Visual search for?

As has been highlighted earlier, the visual search is a modernized method of running a search through images. Well, this type of search is for those that own a digital store or brands that sell online. It gives them the ability to help their clients find them much easily compared to text.

For example, it is not all products that come with names that everyone can easily remember. So, this takes out that and allows you to find the products or brands without knowing the names given online. In this regard, the visual search belongs to the category of search features that involve the trio of text, visions, and voice.

What differentiates the visual search from the image search?

Both the visual search and the image search involve almost the same dynamics, but there are still different options. The image search basically involves you making use of words to find specific images, and so comes the term “image search.”

However, with the visual search, the process of the search involves inputting the images linked to whatever you are trying to find. The visual search makes use of both machine learning technology and computer technology and has proven to be highly effective.

What does the Visual search offer sites?

Now that the method of search has gone beyond text and now involves the use of images, there are things it has added. In this section are some of the advantages of making use of a visual search for your site.

Get found by the current generation

When it comes to online purchasing and brand representation, the current generation is more interested in pictures. It has been noted that the younger generation is in love with taking photos and screenshots of things they like. This means that during a search, the images are essential and so necessitates the visual search.

Helps in creating a connection with new customers

Before a new customer engages your business, they would appreciate some connection to help them trust the brand. Connections could be built using several means, which include images that properly represent your products. This is one reason why well-taken pictures are essential to every online store.

In this regard, the visual discovery also creates the same effect with online businesses as it allows the customers to trust your business. It creates an emotional attachment to your business, and so they are less sensitive to the price of your products.

Sell to those that are already interested in buying

The visual search option gives room for people that have their minds already made up about patronizing your products. So, with an optimized visual search feature attached to your online business, it becomes easier for them to find what they are looking for. This is usually much easier if they make use of an application designed for such purposes.

Improves your revenue

Visual search helps to improve the amount of revenue that comes into your business, as you found easily by potential customers. The traditional method of searching for products may bring a wider range of options, but the mages help in narrowing it down to your particular site.

Tips for using the Visual Search

After choosing to incorporate the virtual search into your site and business, you need to take note of certain tips. These tips would ensure that the visual search feature is well optimized to improve your customer experience.

  • Make use of structured data: Whatever content you are adding to your site, ensure that it is well structured enough to be found.
  • Include an alternative text: These are also known as “alt descriptions” or “alt tags,” and they appear when the images are taking time to load up.
  • Apply descriptive filenames: Take out the default name used in saving the picture and then use one that represents the object in the picture.
  • Ensure your site’s speed is optimized: Visual search works with pictures, and then if your site doesn’t load up quickly, the images may not load up as well.
  • Optimize the image size: You must make sure the images are well-calibrated to fit the size of the site set for images.


Visual search is a new way to search for things on search engines as it promises to be more precise. With the right images, people can now find your products and optimize the search features on Google and even on your site.