5 Ways to Visually Showcase Your Skills & Talent Online – 2024 Guide


If you are a talented individual who wants some self-marketing and create a visual showcase of your talent, then you must have been looking for the most successful way to do this.

The Internet offers great platforms that provide you with fantastic and fun features to showcase your videos. But maybe you do not feel so confident in your video editing skills, and you need some technical experience about how to make them interesting and creative. Well, not only do they stream, different social media platforms have countless features for the visual design of videos and photo material as well. So, all you need to have is a skill or talent you wish to share with the world and mobile device. The rest is covered.

In this guide, we present you with fresh ideas about how to visually showcase your skills and talents online.

1. Start your reality TV via Bigo Live


Bigo Live is a social networking app that brings everything from instant video streaming to real-time interaction. It is an addictive application that allows you to broadcast your life live, connect with friends, fans, and favorite TV programs, as well as follow your favorites with just one click.

Believe it or not, companies are looking for hundreds of millions of young people who document their lives via smartphones. Asia is a particularly lucrative market thanks to the huge population of young people who surpass the rest of the world in shopping through applications, but the rest of the world is also growing to like to share their skills and everyday life with others. Last year in China alone, according to some estimates, the live broadcast market was worth about five billion dollars. Even if you don’t feel highly skilled about something, it seems that performing boring tasks for online audiences is a way for young users to connect, so why not join blog.bigo.tv and try it out.

2. Start vlogging


A vlog is a mean of video communication with the audience by recording a video about what you would like to share. It’s a blog in video form only. Instead of writing articles, the author of the role records himself addressing the audience to the camera and publishes it on the chosen medium – usually YouTube. The author of the vlog can be static and talk to the camera or be recorded while driving, doing some work, showing how to do something, how to gain experience, etc., depending on the need and desire. Often vloggers in the world make reviews of some current political events, various technical devices, enabling others to be better informed about a topic that interests them. Well-known vloggers are often those who are interested in current trends, fashion, going out, or tips on makeup, choosing a partner, but also quite ordinary things like shopping descriptions, discounts, etc.

If you decide to become a vlogger, then join a vlogging platform, and take a few test shots to see what they will look like. Unlike most other social media, vlog doesn’t come with video editing features. Then try to explore a bit of online video processing software, it could be a classic Moviemaker that comes with Windows itself or some more advanced option. There are numerous tutorials on the Internet that help you learn more about how to use video editing software. This is important because with the help of such software you will be able to highlight a title, your logo if you want, or even create an intro for each of the videos that you publish or some illustrations that you will be able to insert into parts of your video.

3. Become a YouTuber


No doubt that the most famous and oldest platform to showcase your talents via video is YouTube. The term “Youtuber” refers to the creator of content on YouTube. You probably already know that YouTube is one of Google’s products that contain videos from all genres and format types. So, a YouTuber is the kind of “videographer” who creates videos for a YouTube video sharing site. It’s a huge video sharing community, with countless topics that can be entertaining, instructive, or informative. Across the globe, this is still the most popular platform for online visual showcasing.

4. Join TikTok


It’s really hard to miss all those challenges that are being published on TikTok and then shared via Instagram mostly. If you remember the Facebook challenges, like the one with the ice bucket – minus the humanitarian part. Every challenge on TikTok consists of a specific movement, dance, or facial expression that someone needs to do with a certain song. Well-known, but more often ordinary users also participate in it, which is why they are often written about in the media.

As on other social networks, you can apply various filters on your content, leave (and collect) comments and likes, and there are influencers… because how would you be successful without them…

It was originally published in 2014 but has been sold in 2018 and that’s when it became TikTok.

5. Instagram


Originally a platform meant only for photo content, Instagram has grown into one of the most favorite social media platforms for videos as well. Offering so many fantastic features for creative personalization of your material, so you don’t need any outside program to help you. And the ways you can arrange your profile are so many, the sky is the limit. So, for showcasing your skills, in reality, you cannot go wrong by using Instagram.

Live options, that many others also offer, is available with different filters. IGTV addition can help you broadcast your material longer, even for a talk show format. All of these you can also keep to create previews and add them to your highlights. With a little bit of research on how the competition does it, you’ll do great in no time. Plus, if you’re present on other social media, you can always link your account with them.

Showcasing your skills and talents is important for your professional career as well, not just for fun. When you’re a job seeker, this is a great way to present yourself to potential employers.