Vorsteiner Ferrari 458-VX Aero Program Introduced at SEMA


Vorsteiner has introduced its 458-VX updates at SEMA. Furthermore, there has also been the McLaren 570-VX program. Vorsteiner’s upgrades transformed this car into an aggressive machine. Just for the record, the Italian carmaker stopped producing the 458 model, but with these new upgrades, it seems as if this car has just hit the market.

The people at the SEMA Show could see a bespoke front bumper made out of carbon fiber on this car. On the bumper, there is a sharp new air intake together with a splitter that sticks out. The Vorsteiner products are familiar not for its great looks but they are also useful. So, the bumper on the custom car improves downforce, whereas the splitter is used to guide air into the intakes.

On the rear end, a trunk lip spoiler produced out of carbon fiber is added. The purpose of the rear spoiler is to improve downforce, just like the bumper on the front. Moreover, an integrated diffuser and a set of blue-tipped tailpipes are located on the rear bespoke bumper, also made of carbon.


The gold wheels which really make the car look fashionable is another feature worth mentioning. Moreover, there are yellow brake calipers, whereas the paint is white with one green and one red stripe across the vehicle’s hood and roof.