Apple iPhone 7 release date Confirmed! Just a week more!

Which is the most awaited product all year round? Yes, I am talking about iPhone. Apple has sent out invites for the autumn product launch in San Francisco. The company will be showing new models as well as features for Apple Watch and MacBook. It is also expected that Apple will show off the all new iPhone next week. This may take place during the autumn product launch event taking place in San Francisco.

The invites were sent this Monday for the event without any confirmation regarding the new product. But people do expect the launch of iPhone 7 as the company announces one or two new iPhone models at its September event. They may also show new models or features for other products like the Apple Watch or MacBook computer.

Talking about the Cupertino (California), this company sold more than 214m iPhones last year. They have noticed a decline in their sales since a year and continuous analysis is being done by the experts about the upcoming changes in the Apple products.

It is expected that the upcoming smartphones will not have a headphone jack. So users will rely on wireless connectivity using Bluetooth or any other similar connectors. Now this also means that there will be a significant boost up in the sales of wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are costly as compared to the wired ones. It is expected that this change will lead to the cut down in prices of wireless headphones due to increasing demand as well as bulk productivity.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said on Thursday that the move was “going to tick off a lot of people”. “I have cars where you can plug in the music, or go through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth just sounds so flat for the same music,” he told the Australian Business Review.

Apple is currently dealing with a lawsuit brought by owners of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The owners claim that there is a design defect which makes the iPhone touchscreen unresponsive. Usually, a minor design defect doesn’t matter a lot to people, but defects which hinder the utility itself needs to be taken care of.

As per the proposed lawsuit which was filed on Saturday, Apple is aware of this defect since a long time. This defect often surfaces after a gray bar which appears at the top of the touch screens. Unfortunately, they have refused to fix this issue. This defect has been named as Touch Disease by iFixit.

There were comments and accused from the people who filed this lawsuit but Apple did not respond to it.