The Walking Dead: Season 3 – Release Date and Details Revealed

The producer of the long-awaited game series has announced its newest upcoming sequel and now we can tell for sure – Telltale Games The Walking Dead – is back with the Season 3. The specific date of the new game’s release has not yet been given, however, it was announced that we can expect it sometime in November. Its fans are both excited and eager to see which novelties this new installment Is about to bring.

What is captivating about this game is the storytelling part, and as a result of that, each season is closely related to the previous one. In the same manner, the Season 3 will represent the follow-up of the Season 2 and its events. Perhaps we are still short of info regarding the release date, but all the additions related to characters and locations have been revealed.

Clementine is one of the playable characters in the sequel with an apparent difference that she is much older if compared to the previous season. Many new things can be seen in the new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 3. The short video is vividly depicting the big derelict place with one of the roaming zombies in it. Suddenly we see Clementine, in the company of a new character called Javier, shooting the creature. They will be traveling together while fighting against the evil.

Kevin Boyle, the Executive Producer, has said that: “The game will be playable in November this year for PC, console, and mobile devices.” November has largely taken over, and further news on the topic is still awaited.