The Walking Dead Season 7 – 10 Largest Problems

When the Walking Dead kicked off a couple of years ago, it was a promising well-scripted show, but the Season 7 is not going in that direction. The show sunk to all-time lows when it comes to ratings, but also quality and many people decide to stop watching. The problems are obvious and here are the ten crucial issues about the Season 7 of the Walking Dead.

Maggie’s Appearance

Glen is killed off and because of that most fans are in despair because he was perhaps the guy that everyone loved. You would think that his death would have consequences on his wife Maggie, who had already lost her dad Hershel and sister. However, the show kind of ignores her and she is dwarfed by Gregory, a leader of the Hilltop community. In addition, Maggie also shares her time on screen with Sasha, Enid and probably the miscast Jesus.

We would like to see Maggie trying to get revenge on Negan for killing Glen, but instead of that, she has been neglected, and Rick carries the heaviest burden. Also, there is a lot of Negan, Dwight, Eugene, Rosita, but no Maggie and this is frustrating.

Other Characters E.G. Carol

Carol is the perfect example of going from the great warrior to timid PTSD survivor. There are reasons such as her history of abuse, her daughter’s death, her murdering that girl but these reasons should turn her into a stronger person in a world filled with zombies. She was too tough for a while, but she went through an 180-degree turn, and this is what bothers the fans.

It has taken Carol 13 episodes to come back to the normal state of mind which is terrible, but what is even worse is that she barely appears in the show in the seventh season. Carol is just one example, but there is also Rosita who became unwatchable for no particular reason.

Poor Writing

The Walking Dead was never famous for its writing, but in Season 7, even that has rolled downhill. The lines are bad, even from those said by Daryl, Louie or Carol and Rick, Maggie and Jesus have that southern drawl that is sometimes too exaggerated.

The fact is that the entire season is poorly written and some previous seasons that had more or less the same plot twist at least had a healthy dialogue, while the seventh season is a complete miss. The decisions made by the characters are also bizarre such as Carl’s choice to kill Negan all by himself.

Numerous Survivor Communities

The show used to follow a group of survivors among the dead people, and they would occasionally run into another group of survivors, who used to be side characters only. However, Rick and crew live in houses with drinking water, they drive automobiles always filled with gas, and they are surrounded by living more than dead.

Some of the communities are Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, Oceanside, Garbage Pail Kids who interestingly enough speak in a nonsensical pidgin since why would they use the English? We shouldn’t forget the Saviors led by Negan – it is just too much, and fans want dead to cover entire regions, farms, and cities like they did in a first few seasons.

Doctors Are Neglected

The Doctors in The Walking Dead are skillful ones, but they usually die for no reason at all. For example, Rick killed Dr. Pete a few seasons back, and he had a successor in Denise, who was a pseudo-doctor. Also, the Hilltop doctor went scavenging and died, but luckily for Negan, his doctor is kept alive. He is going to survive, right?

Poor Special Effects At Times

The zombies are done perfectly in the show, and when you think of a zombie, it is how it would have looked if one had existed. Even though we at least expected good special effects in Season 7, just take a glance at this photo of Rick with the fake landfill behind him. Plus, a few episodes later, Rick encountered a deer which was so fake that even caught Rick off guard and he fell from his perch on a Ferris Wheel.

Too Many Fillers

It becomes hard to distinguish between fillers and important details within an episode. Some episodes which are perhaps supposed to be fillers turn out better than the ones that follow the main storyline. Some episodes such as the one that was centered around Eugene and Dwight were better than the ones devoted to Rick and Michonne who search guns or plot against Negan. Even episodes like these feel like fillers.

Negan Is The Worst Villain

With everything else not meeting the expectations, the villain (Negan) is really a bad one too. Let’s think of the Governor for a second and as much as I can recall, he was a pretty good villain since people could relate to him and he wasn’t all bad because he created living conditions for his people.

On the other hand, Negan is annoying, and he speaks in nursery rhymes, and he believes that he is the best, so why should people follow him? His spreads terror and violence and doesn’t care about those who are loyal to him.

The additional question that arises is why Negan just doesn’t kill them all, or at least all the men. Rick’s crew killed so many of his people, so why should he spare him? Considering that he is the biggest bad guy in the show, it ‘d be nice if he was consistent, but he is not.

“Faking Out” the Viewers

In Season 6, we all believed that Glenn was dead, but it was just a trick by the showrunners, while in Season 7 they started with Negan killing off Abraham, but then he killed of Glenn. We had to wait for several months to find out who died and this is not nice. They made us believe that Heath was dead. They also made us think that Rick was dead when he fell after spotting that deer and after the group of zombies feasted on “his” flesh. Rick was, of course, fine and these attempts to fool the audience are just silly.

Why Don’t They Leave?

This is a logical question – why do Rick and his company stay in this place? They can go wherever they want, and there is nothing left for them at this place but death. Maybe they wait for revenge, but maybe the show decides to have this debate on screen. Perhaps Negan can hunt them down and kill them all, but perhaps they want to rescue Eugene. If that is the reason, why would they risk the lives of children for one of the most cowardly people in the show?