Ways to Clean Car AC Vents and Vent Tabs for Cars

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Unlike most parts of your car, when it comes time to clean your car’s AC vents and vent tabs, it can become quite the chore. The small, narrow spaces in the vents can become very difficult to clean with a regular cloth or cleaning wipe. But don’t worry; you are not destined to ride around in a car that is spotlessly clean, except for the dust that has built up in your car’s dash vents. You can now purchase inexpensive paintbrushes that are made with foam tips that can make this job very quick and easy.

When it does come to your car’s AC vents, it is in your better interest to clean them at least once per month or so. The exception to this will be if you notice that your car’s vents have become extra dusty, or if there is some type of moldy odor emulating from the vents when your AC is turned on. If you do find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is to clean your AC vent system with some sort of disinfectant cleaning spray.

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To help prevent any mold from building up or forming within your AC vent system, you want to periodically dry your vent system out by turning on your car fan to the maximum level, but with the AC turned off. On top of that, you also want to be sure and keep any type of debris that may have collected around your car’s exterior air intake system.

How to Clean Your AC Vents

Before you get started, you want to find and purchase some foam paintbrushes. You can either do this online, at the local crafts store or even at your local grocery market. They should not be expensive and will do an amazing job when it comes to cleaning out your air vents.

Now that you have your foam paintbrushes, it’s time to make a homemade cleaning solution.  To do this, simply combine an equal part of warm water with white vinegar. If you feel motivated, you can even add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the cleaning solution, or some lemon-scented vinegar if you can find it.

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Once your cleaning solution has been created, it’s time to clean your AC vents and vent tabs.  First, take one of the foam paintbrushes and dab it into your cleaning solution. Next, insert the now damp foam brush between each of the vent slats so that it can remove any grime and dust that has been built up.  Be sure to rinse off your brush often to keep any debris and excess dust from accumulating. If the brush gets to be too dirty, you can always use another foam brush as well. Once you have your AC vents and vent tabs thoroughly cleaned, finish the job by using a dry foam brush to wipe down the vents. This will help dry out any excess cleaning solution that may have been left behind during the vent cleaning.