Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop or PC

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If you’re looking to take your gaming to new heights or make it better than ever before, you will want to follow a few simple and straight forward tips! These tips and tricks will help you improve your laptop specifically to enhance the performance of gaming on it!

Dust-Free and Clean

To keep your gaming top-notch, you will first want to assess how clean your laptop is. Although this may not seem important, being proactive about the cleanliness of your Tech Favicon gaming laptop will not only make you more satisfied with its aesthetics but give you a higher gaming performance when enjoying the best car games!

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1. The collection of dust and dirt in and on your laptop greatly affect the airflow going in and out of your laptop and therefore, affect the overall performance of your gaming. Dust and dirt make your laptop slower and hotter, thus slowing down your gaming performance significantly! To remove the dust and dirt from your laptop simply turn off your laptop and open it up completely, so you can see all the small spots inside your computer. Then, using gentle but compressed air, blow out any dust or dirt particles. You can also so things like wiping down the circulation vents and keeping the keyboard clean at all times.

2. You will also want to consider the places you use your laptop. If your desk is dusty that dust is bound to find its way into your laptop, so be sure to keep the surfaces and areas where you use your laptop—especially to play games—nice and clean!

Update Drivers

At one time, updating drivers was only for hard-core computer users. However, now, you’ll see the importance of it and how it affects your gaming performance!

Most computers these days have the same hardware and run around Windows, macOS, and Linux. Therefore, keeping your drivers up to date is immensely important. Usually, this is a fairly easy process, but with graphic drivers, you may need to approach things a little more hands-on. To make this as easy as possible and to ensure things are always up to date, usually, you can select automatic updates on your gaming management software.

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By installing the most recent and up to date software, like DirectX, you can boost your gaming performance!

1. If you use Windows or even Xbox consoles to game, then DirectX will give you software tools to improve the graphics significantly for your gaming needs!

2. Most gamers tend to still be using DirectX 9.0. To improve your performance ten-fold, you’ll want to install DirectX 12. This is the latest and best-performing version. To check the version, you may currently have on your laptop, simple press WIN+R to open the “RUN” menu and then enter “dxdiag.” Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to load and then open the “Render” tab. This will tell you what version you have!

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Game on!

There you have it! Three easy, straightforward, and inexpensive ways to improve your gaming experience on your laptop! By simply following the tips provided, you should be well on your way to better, high-performance gaming! If you are looking for the best gaming laptops follow this site.