We bring you a list of 12 potential actors to play Cable in Deadpool 2

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As you know, the Deadpool sequel is a very hot topic lately. The discussions, rumors, and speculations about the possible actors for the role of the Cable character have brought this matter to another level. That is why we have decided to rank the 12 people that have the best chance of playing the Cable role. We used a sort of “scientific” method for this and ranked them in order by likeliness, desire, and Cable-ness.

#12 Mel Gibson

As you know Gibson is one of the actors Deadpool himself hinted (at the end of the first movie) as a possible candidate for the Cable role. Gibson sure has some characteristics that would make him right for the part but thanks to the latest courting from Suicide Squad 2 for a director’s chair, we believe that he might just be too busy to take up the role. But that is just fine because Mel has a sort of reputation as a vile person, and we think it is for the best.

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#11 Kyle Chandler

If you remember the initial rumors regarding this topic, Kyle was top ranked for the role, but now we know for sure that he isn’t the only one. You probably are asking why? Well, the fact is that Tim and Ryan had some arguments over Kyle’s casting which ultimately brought to Deadpool director Tim Miller quitting the sequel, and with that, probably all hopes for Kyle as Cable went away as well.

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#10 Brad Pitt

If you think you are surprised by this, then you are not alone, we were as well! It is a bit strange even to try and put Brad in this role, but it is also impossible to rule him out entirely for this one as well. Apparently, some concept art from the movie showed up on Reddit last week, and it depicted Brad as the sort of actor Deadpool 2 was looking at for Cable.

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#9 Stephen Lang

Recently we caught Stephen’s tweet where he took a picture of himself and wrote “Shakespeare:”CABLEs of perdurable toughness”. Slang: Just staying fit. Training another story. Let’s go! #Deadpool” This could mean that he is actually preparing for the possible role of Cable, but after some research we found out that the soul source of this “rumor” is Stephen himself and that he is probably trying to draw some attention to himself with his fans.

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#8 Dolph Lundgren

Dolph is another one who suggested that he might get a kick out of doing the role of Cable, and he did that last year to the Nerdist saying “Isn’t there a character named Cable that’s coming? Like, he’s a big guy…Well, I guess I could kick some b*tt doing that I suppose. We’ll see.” While he surely fits into the look of a “big guy” who “could kick some b*tt,” unfortunately this as well is more a suggestion than an actual solid rumor.

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#7 Russell Crowe

This here is another proof of unbelievably silly rumors about casting for the role of Cable, and it is brought by nothing else but the social media. Here you can see the awkward conversation between Russell and eager Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld on Twitter. Although there is a slight possibility that Russell would take this one up, he would fit the role nicely mostly because he made a name for himself with few big, hard-core action parts.

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#6 David Harbour

“Stranger Things” Chief Hopper is in the mix for the role as well, and he is one of the younger candidates for it. He actually might be heavily considered if the role of Cable in the sequel turns out to be more physically intensive. Plus he actually does need to work on something until we all wait for the Season 2 of the show.

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#5 Pierce Brosnan

Well if the picture here does not show a sure pick for the Cable role than none will. As you see here, Mr. Brosnan is sitting between both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman which can be considered as the two superheroes that can put their seal of approval to Mr. Brosnan’s run for the Cable role. But what is even more interesting is that director David Leitch hinted to reporters that Brosnan was actually in the consideration for this one.

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#4 Michael Shannon

Michael is actually a hot new actor that everybody is writing about, at least when this movie is considered. Apparently, every rumor from last week made this guy a top pick for the Cable role mostly because of his looks and his jawline that fits nicely in the Cable character looks. But there is a downside to him – he has decided to pass the role, and that is what makes him unlikely to appear.

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#3 Keira Knightley

Keira is another actor that is on this list just because of a shoutout in the first movie. When we considered her, she actually ended up being the most out-there choice for the role, but there is an apparent lack connected to her name. She is neither buffed nor a man for that matter, and with a choice of all these older rugged guys, she definitely does not stand a chance.

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#2 Literary ANYONE in movie franchise

Well as you saw from place no.3 we started to make jokes at this point, but we justifiably started doing that. If you wonder how come? Well, since there have been so many names thrown around this Cable character role we figured that basically anyone by this point could be considered as a likely candidate. Heck, maybe even you, or even me?! What do you think, it’s pretty much OK to throw suggestions, it seems that we can’t miss!

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#1 Jon Hamm

This one probably makes you say, wait, whaaaat?! We are aware that he hasn’t been rumored for the role, not even once, but there is a good reason he is the no.1 pick. Apparently, Cable-Fan-in-Chief himself, creator Rob Liefeld, made this mockup of the actor last year, and we simply couldn’t forget about it. He made it so good that he has Jon actually looking like Cable. Isn’t it incredible? If there is any sense in the casting staff, they will call out Jon and make him a prime candidate, if not the only one, for this role!

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