How to Wear Layers With Style: 3 Guiding Rules

Just because you have to wear different clothing layers doesn’t mean that you cannot do it with style. Layering is essential for those freezing winter days to keep us warm. And it’s a pity, but most of us connect layering as a means of survival in cold weather rather than a fashion statement.

The truth is, layering is a great way to keep us warm and stylish. Here is how to wear layers with style in four easy steps.

When you’re looking to wear multiple layers, we typically stay with what we are used to wearing camisoles, layering them with long-sleeved tops that are hidden underneath our favorite outfits for the moment. Instead of putting on layers to fight the cold and keep warm, think about the layering process as an opportunity to add some flair to your outfit? using different pieces of your collection to not just keep you warm, but also give your outfit a unique look in the process.

The first thing to remember when wearing several layers, is to remember that 3 is your perfect spot. You want to not appear bulky by adding an edgier base layer, such as an unisex t-shirt tank, long sleeve or tank. Choose classic colours like white, grey or stripes. This will help keep the overall look unified giving you the freedom to play with patterns and colours for the outer layer.

Then comes the middle layer This is usually an item of clothing that is mid-weight like cotton shirts or a thinner cardi. It is ideal to add the structure, some color or a bit of texture. We are awestruck by our Noah Shirt. It is best to style it open or unbuttoned to highlight the base layer and allow you to begin to add the character of your ensemble.

Then is your outermost layer. This is your heavier winter-weight layer such as a thick line cardigan or coat. Do not be afraid to experiment with length when you’re looking for shades that compliment the middle and base layers such as the dusty shades of pink and tan black or navy. Longline sweaters with an elongated front or lapels like Clarity Cardigan. Clarity Cardigan can be a perfect addition to your middle layer, while enhancing your style with its flattering shape and elegant details.

Why layering?

Autumn and winter forecasts are nearly impossible to predict. The morning can be freezing, and the next thing you know, outside, the sun is shining bright, and you are burning up in your sweater. And that’s why layering is so helpful in those unpredictable weather conditions – it keeps you prepared for everything. Yes, everything – even when you spill some coffee on yourself, you can relatively easily hide it.

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How to layer with style?

It is so easy to be warm, comfy, stylish, and chic by following these 4 rules for layering with style:

1) Try a poncho

Designed to make you look fashionable, ponchos make you look fashionable and give you warmth while remaining breathable and comfy. They are often made out of wool or yarn.

Ponchos are a suitable alternative for all autumn-winter days that are not too cold but not too warm either. You can wear it over a turtleneck or a fitted top and pair it with skinny jeans (or any jeans or trousers).

And just because ponchos are not bulky, you can quickly place them in your bag for safe-keeping.

2) Try wearing sweater vests

Sweater vests are a popular option for the winter season, and for a good reason – they have the power to give us warmth and look stylish at the same time. Plus, there are a huge array of styles that can easily fit any taste. To complement a specific vest style, you can try pairing a sweater vest with a lightweight blouse.

3) Play with a button-downs

Wearing layers and looking stylish is always possible, especially if you emphasize the classic button-downs and sweater style.

Button downs are often labeled as a “boring” garment. Still, this single piece of clothing has the power to elevate your overall look. Plus, you can play with different layers and styles.

For instance, for a more classic, office look you can layer your button-downs over a turtleneck and put them in a midi dress. Or you can layer button-downs with a sweater vest. Experiment with the different outlooks.

4) Experiment with patterns


When layering, don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and patterns. You can combine a jacket with a knit, play with color, or mix and match however you feel great.

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5) Sweaters and button downs

Sweaters are an ideal alternative to layer over a traditional shirt or button-down since it keeps the appearance refined, yet gives it more of a relaxed vibe. This style technique is ideal for layering new pieces since they are clothes you likely already have in your closet.

The bottom line

As you can see, you can be warm and chick at the same time. All you have to do is follow the four steps above.