Wentworth Season 5 Release Date, News and Updates


Wentworth Season 5 is supposed to start this year, and as the comeback of the series approaches, the fans can only speculate what to expect in the new episodes. According to several reports, Bea Smith is not dead, and she will also be a part of the cast in the next season.

The actress who plays Bea Smith talked about the death of her character, and she articulated that Bea Smith’s fate is cut and dried. She also mentioned that her passing could never be reversed and thus left many fans disappointed.

Some rumors stubbornly indicate that Smith is still alive and the viewers seem to think that she is in a critical condition and she fights for her life. Is it possible that Joan “The Freak” Ferguson didn’t kill her after stabbing her a couple of times?

On the other hand, this girl is said to appear in the Season 5 of Wentworth despite the production reported claims that she is dead indeed. She might appear but in a series of flashbacks. Cormack posted a photo on Instagram in which we can see her with the other cast members of the show, and this sparked a lot of talk about her return.


According to some people, she is definitely alive because if they wanted to kill her, why would they bring up an ambulance at the first place? Until the production decides to speak their mind, we will not know whether Bea is alive or not.

Previous reports claim that an Australian actor Liam Hemsworth is going to replace Cormack and the fans will watch him in the role of a strict warden at the Wentworth Correctional Facility. We are not sure if Liam will appear in a cameo or his character will have more time on the screen.

Wentworth that airs on SoHo in Australia has recently won the Best Television Drama Series trophy from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts. Follow us for more details.