Western Digital Corp (WDC) Incorporates Significant Changes to My Cloud OS And My Cloud Mirror

Western Digital Corp (NASDAQ:WDC), the organization behind the most widely used personal cloud service and hardware is significantly changing its My Cloud Mirror hardware and My Cloud OS. The changes are aimed at increasing the appeal of the service to the public.

The major functionality incorporated in My Cloud OS is termed Sync. With it users can select particular directories on their computer and have them automatically dispatched to the drive that functions as their personal cloud and is the one their router is also connected with. When the user changes files or folders, the latter will be automatically put on MyCloud as well as synced to miscellaneous connected devices.

This novel functionality makes MyCloud work more seamlessly as users don’t require to upload files manually that they desire to be synced. Similar to Dropbox and contemporary cloud services, users can access their documents on various mobile devices as well as computers.

Western Digital is also introducing photo syncing on mobile devices. Immediately as photos are snapped, they can be uploaded to the My Cloud OS connected drive. A new functionality also exists to permit users to gather and share pictures in full resolution.

Western Digital is enhancing its SDK to let programmers harness the center of the My Cloud devices via apps. It has already associated with Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE), Plex, and Milestone Surveillance. The company believes that its fresh open-source standard will draw in more programmers compared to the earlier version.

On the hardware front, the company is unveiled My Cloud Mirror 2, an improved version of its router-connected hardware that includes two drives for redundancy purposes. The OS update will be released on September 21. The new My Cloud Mirror 2 hardware will be released on September 30.

Western Digital is a veteran innovator and storage industry player. As a storage technology major, the organization makes high-performance, reliable, hard disk drives as well as solid-state drives.

Sources: digitaltrends