What a DNA test can tell you

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One of the most popular ways of doing genealogy is to have a DNA test. It can solve various mysteries and open doors to many things, things that existing records cannot solve. DNA never lies, it always tells the truth about who you are and who your family is. There are 3 main types of DNA testing that are usually done in modern research. Here is what each of these types can tell you and you will be able to use the information to decide which type of testing is the best for your goals and purposes. Here are the three DNA testing types and what you can get from each type:


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This is a paternal line DNA. This type is only passed down from a father to a son, so females are not able to take this test since females do not have the Y-DNA. If you have particular questions that you need answers to, such as whether someone’s father is theirs or the result of a non-paternity event, you will be able to get results by using Y-DNA. This type will help you in case you are studying a particular surname, if you get to a point where you cannot find any records to search, you can do this type of testing and see how much you will match up with other people of the same surname in the vast database of the company you are using. If you get in touch with the people that matches you the most, you could get together and put the missing pieces of your ancestry together.


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This is a maternal line of DNA. It is passed from mothers to their daughters and sons. However, son’s are not able to pass it on to their children. Daughters do pass it on to their own children. This type of DNA testing is usually and traditionally used to find a solution to ancestry mysteries that go way back in time. If you can find a female line descendant or a relative of someone in the modern-day, you will be able to determine the identity of an ancient skeleton, whether it is a man or woman. This particular type of DNA remained unchanged throughout the centuries, so the female relatives alive today (and their sons), would have the same mtDNA as someone’s mother.

3.Autosomal DNA

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This type of DNA was once considered “junk” DNA since it had no purpose. However, scientists have now discovered that it can be used to identify both male and female relatives for any person. Because of this, it is becoming one of the most popular types of DNA testing, since anyone can use it to find any possible relative, no matter what their gender is. Contacting autosomal DNA matches on databases the companies offers this testing and comparing notes can help you decide which line or lines you are connected to and who is your common ancestor. This could help you unlock a lot of genealogical mysteries and it could reveal information that you did not know anything about.


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Doing a DNA test is a good way to find out who your ancestors are, to whom you are related to, to see if your parents are really your biological parents, find long lost siblings and relatives, as well as see what nationalities are in your DNA. Who knows, maybe your great-great-great grandmother was Irish?  For best DNA kits for ancestry, health, wellness, diet and nutrition we suggest that you proceed to this website.