What Are Explainer Videos and What is Their Role in Business?

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Explainer videos have grown into popularity recently due to the fact that they display all the necessary information about a certain subject in a fun and creative way. Explainer videos are short animated videos that businesses can use to get their brand-stories across to their customers.

Explainer videos are very useful in modern times, and they can be used for virtually anything. But what is their use in business? How are they used to grab the attention of potential customers? What are the pros of explainer videos? Stick around as we are going to answer all of your questions in this short and informative article.

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How Effective Are Explainer Videos For Business?

How often have you visited a website of a certain business and it left you wondering what exactly do these people do? Well, that is a problem across multiple fields of work. The good thing is that explainer videos do a pretty good job of combining video animation with audio to tell the viewer what’s the purpose of that set business. People love a good story, and explainer videos do a pretty good job at just that. Explainer videos are usually engaging, and they tell the full story in a matter of minutes.

Explainer Videos Are Different From Branded Videos

According to Darvideo, explainer videos differ a lot from branded videos. The use of branded videos is to market a certain product, or business, through the use of branded clips. They are more like ads than a storytelling video. Although both can be animated, they serve two different purposes. Unlike branded videos, explainer videos are here to explain to the viewer what that certain business does. While it might use branded clips, the idea is completely different.

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How do These Videos Work?

It’s been quoted all over the Internet that videos have had the biggest reach in 2019. What worked in 2018 doesn’t work in 2019. So the use of explainer videos has gone through the charts. It is quoted that videos are the best form of medium for delivering information to your viewers and customers. When you think about it, YouTube is the best video sharing platform on the Internet. With more than one billion unique visitors each day, YouTube is setting the tempo for how to gain reach. It is precisely the point of how and why explainer videos work for businesses. With more than 6 billion hours of video watching every month, explainer videos really are the blueprints on how to tap into untapped reached.

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How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business?

Google rewards websites where visitors spend more time on. We mentioned that explainer videos are short videos, which are engaging in nature, and they animated in a way to keep you locked to the screen for the duration of the video. So naturally, it would be smart to use explainer videos because Google will recognize that visitors are spending more time on your website.

Furthermore, explainer videos are used to explain your product to your audience and customers. It does it through smooth animation and use of sound, rather than written content. They are straightforward and easy to understand, even if the viewer doesn’t speak the native language of the video.