What Are Going To Be The Dominating SEO Trends in 2019


The thing with search engines is that they are constantly changing, and with the competition being on the rise you always need to follow those trends with your website in order to succeed. SEO is the way to go when it comes to website promotion, but whether you do it yourself or an agency does it for you, each year there are new methods that you need to follow.

Of course, there are still SEO strategies that always remain: focusing on keywords, visual content, helpful content, and mentions on the top relevant websites. Along with that, it is never good to stuff your website or text with keywords, duplicating content or intrusive ads. Also, don’t make your SEO presentations too shiny as no one likes that.

With 2019 possibly being the most one for SEO till now, it is smart to take a look at what are the possible search engine changes and then see how to address them following the SEO trends.

How Will Search Engines Change?


As the SEO Heroes suggest, the way engines will be changing is either through algorithm or facade transformations, mostly affected by advanced technology (artificial intelligence, big data, etc.) as well as changed user behavior (switching to mobile search, voice and intent search, etc.). A lot of users seem to be completely switching to mobile search, which then urges the engines to change, and the SEO trends to follow through. The effect SEO has on your website presence, and traffic seems to be the best when approaching it from an unintrusive (fewer ads) way.

Dominating SEO Trends in 2019

Now, if your marketing campaign mostly relies on the SEO, this is a section that you are most concerned about. Let’s take a look at the five most dominating trends for 2019, as suggested by SEO Heroes:

  1. Voice Search. Estimates suggest that almost one-half of all the searches are going through the voice method, and that number will just increase in 2019 and 2024. The main benefit of voice search is the fact that it is simple and easy to do, without the risks of typing mistakes. Mostly people from 18 to 29 years old are using this method, which comes as no surprise as they are just following the technology trends. The way this will be affecting SEO strategies is simple: now, the intent of concrete search is going to be much more clear, then if typing simple keywords. This comes from the fact that it is probably going to be a long search, just like a question we would ask our friend out loud. Having this in mind, SEO experts have to find a way on how to follow through this.
  1. Artificial Intelligence. Although maybe the highest form of AI is yet to come, we gotta agree that it is out there constantly adapting and learn new ways. AI is for now making its biggest effect by sorting tons of data together, making it much easier for the info to reach the target group. With AI basically being a way to control the SEO methods (black hat), eradicating any improper ones, it is sure to make a great impact and force people to change towards more organic and less intrusive way of marketing.
  1. Mobile Search. After seeing a huge switch to the mobile search engines, Google announced a whole number of larger sites that were at the beginning of 2018 moving to mobile-first processes. Having this in mind, it is surely going to be the trend that follows through 2019, and for agencies that have both desktop and mobile compatible websites, it is not a problem. Research suggests that the slow-performing pages are the ones that do not end up on mobile search results, taking in consideration that mobile users are often on the go and need their answers ASAP. So be sure to adapt your website speed, and there will be no problems. Focusing on mobile experience is surely going to pay off, so don’t skimp on that!
  1. As you might already know from researching Bitcoin, Blockchain is a method of securing information through interconnected blocks. Saying this, in order for a newspaper, report or whatever update comes through it has to be validated by every block leaving almost no room for scammers or frauds. This develops a higher level of trust in the marketing section as well, and it is likely that now there will be no need for the outside trust regulator!
  1. User Experience. In the end, this one is surely going to be one of the trends with the strongest influence on SEO strategy. With user experience being more important than ever, it is going to be important to make the content as much entertaining and easy to consume as possible.


While there are other possible trends that might be on the rise like video search, virtual reality, influencer marketing, etc., we think that these five are the ones you should focus the most on when it comes to updating and developing SEO strategies!