What Are The Best Courses For Business Intelligence?

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Power BI – data analysis with Business Intelligence: Microsoft Power BI is one of the most robust business intelligence programs on the market, and at the same time one of the cheapest, even free. Anyone can start developing reports with free interactive visualizations. If you are a business owner, manager of a department, or simply interested in analyzing and following up on your activities and objectives, then this course is for you.

In this course, you will realize multiple projects from scratch, where you will take data from different sources, transform them and the final result: surprising interactive reports. This is how at the end of this course, in addition to certifying you, you will have the skills and knowledge to create visualizations using your own data and thus be able to fulfill your goals.

The focus of the course projects is totally practical, and with each new project, you will have new resources, guides, and files necessary to develop different reports, where you can instantly apply what you are learning. Also, you will have direct support from the instructor, as well as a question and answer forum where you can participate with your classmates. It should be noted that each section will be maintained and updated constantly with respect to Power BI keeps innovating, as well as with the ideas of improvement of the partners. Your feedback will be valuable to everyone’s success.

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There are still more, you will be adding more projects based on your suggestions and market requirements, so if you finish this course, rest assured that when you return in a few days you will see new projects that challenge your knowledge and keep you updated. 4d.dk offers you such valuable BI course for your better advancement.

SSIS and SSAS from zero to a more advanced level: In this course, you will learn how to install the necessary software to start working with the creation of ETL packages and the development of information cubes. You will understand the basic concepts of business intelligence, you will know what ETL stands for and you will understand the meaning of dimensional databases, and you will understand the difference with respect to a relational database.

You will learn how to create ETL packages with SQL Server Integration Services and with the help of Visual Studio Data Tools. You will understand how to work with dimensional databases in SQL Server through Analysis Services and Visual Studio Data Tools. You will build automatic tasks from scratch with the help of the SQL Server agent.

Business Intelligence on the Satisfaction Survey: In this course, you will know why it is important for companies to measure customer satisfaction and what Business Intelligence provides to automate and facilitate the analysis of results by making available to analysts the information obtained from surveys sent from customers.

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You will learn how to create this model for free using Google forms and Qlik Sense (both free accounts) and prepare impressive dashboards and visualizations making the task of conducting the satisfaction survey very easy from now on.

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Mining: With this course, which does not require prior knowledge of these concepts, you will learn to see what BI is, how it is applied together with ETL solutions and what it has in common with Data Mining. You will take a tour of these three worlds and you will have discourse and knowledge to understand how, when and where they apply. You will find more than 2 hours of practice videos with leading tools in the market such as QlikView or Microsoft PowerBI.