What Are The Cowboys Doing On Defense?


The Dallas Cowboys have been enjoying a lot of success last year, but it wasn’t because of their defense. Their offense carried the load while keeping the defense on the sidelines. The running game for them was great and by pounding that ball, they kept the clock moving while the defense was being protected. They didn’t get exposed as much as they probably should have all season long.

So far in Free Agency, they lost a lot of the guys that played significant minutes for them last season. Their secondary is now basically gone as they lost Brandon Carr to the Baltimore Ravens, Morris Claiborne to the New York Jets and Barry Church to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The draft is pretty stacked when it comes to the players that play in the defensive backfield, so Dallas will probably look to fix their issues there.

They also lost J.J. Wilcox and defensive tackle Terrell McClain to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Redskins respectively. On the other hand, there are still big problems in the Dallas’ defense as they failed to get that major pass rusher that they needed last season. In the Playoff game against the Packers, you have seen that they couldn’t even touch Aaron Rodgers in the pocket. That has got to change.


Defensive end Tyrone Crawford believes that Dallas has a good plan in place.

“I just trust we have a plan,” the defensive lineman told the Dallas Morning News. “With the defense that we run, (defensive coordinator Rod) Marinelli is going to get a guy in there and he’s going to have him doing the right thing anyway. I’m excited for next year. I’m not worried about what’s happening this offseason. Just excited to get going.”