What are the different kinds of lamps?


Lamps have been illuminating our buildings for centuries. It has been one of the most innovative inventions throughout history and will remain in effect for a lot more years. Given its functionality, our lives have been dependent on the lamps.

With the progression of technology, the market has come up with hundreds of kinds. Even though each lamp serves foundationally the same purpose, it tends to differ in many aspects. You can get to know about different kinds on andlight.dk. Nevertheless, here are 5 different kinds of lamps you can find in the market:

  1. Incandescent lamps

These are the typical types of lamps that we find in a number of offices and residents. There is an illuminating bulb that lights up when the current flows through it. The durability of the bulb within the lamps is not that much since most of the energy is wasted. It approximately works for 850 hours only on average. Despite its low durability, it has been the most common kind in the market.

  1. Fluorescent lamps

This is are another type of lamps that have been invading the market. However, these have a more complex mechanism. The current passes through the cathodes with then radiates energy. Less energy is used by these lamps to produce the same amount of light compared to other types. It even tends to last longer compared to other models. But there is one drawback that it is difficult to dispose of these lamps due to the mercury filled in it.

  1. Halogen lamps

These are the more advanced version of incandescent lamps. It has a more complex mechanism which makes it more effective compared to other types. It is filled with Halogen gas which is an inert gas. This is how it is named. The lifespan and the brightness of this bulb are resulted in higher luminous efficiency due to the presence of inert gas. These lamps are furthermore smaller in size compared to the other bulbs which make them more convenient to install.

  1. Compact fluorescent lamp

These lamps have been manufactured with the intent to replace conventional counterparts in commercial areas and home buildings. It produces more light while consuming less power working in a manner as fluorescent lamps. There are a number of tubular loops which are filled with mercury. It has a longer lifespan which extends to 10,000 hours making it more energy efficient. However, it is more difficult to dispose of these lamps due to the presence of mercury.

  1. LED lamps

These are the most recent lamps of all options. LED is becoming very common within the industry due to the energy efficiency it offers. It even comes in a variety of colors. It provides a better quality of light consuming less energy at the same time.


Above were some of the most popular lamps available in the market. Even though this is not an exhaustive list, these lamps are generally found in most homes and office buildings.