What are “Xylo Balls”? The New LED Party Balls for Any Event


Are you looking for ideas for the ultimate party; the one that will have everyone talking forever? If you want to be the life of the party, then you have to bring some light to the party. And that’s exactly what you can do with Xylo balls. Continue reading to find out what those are and how they can liven and lighten up your party for a spectacular unforgettable evening.

What are Xylo Balls

These are also referred to as glow or LED balls, they are inflatable balls that glow and change colors. They were invented for the purpose of connecting live acts with the audience. Incorporating xylobands LED technology they provide entertainment to any party, event, or show. They come in a variety of colors and sizes so you will be sure to get the right balls for any occasion. We have waterproof floating globes made from waterproof polyethylene for durability.


Features of the Xylo Balls

What makes them fun and unique? Listed below are some key features of these lightastic balls.

  • Xylo balls come in many colors and cover the RGB (red, green, blue) light spectrum.
  • XyloThey come with a hand-held controller the size of a TV remote. You can move freely around any area because the remote can be battery operated.
  • They are safe to use being free of UV, lead, IR, mercury, air pollution or other forms of radiation.
  • They are portable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery which allows the globe to stay lit up for many hours of fun.

Variety of Uses


Xylo balls are perfect for a nighttime pool party. They can be placed in the pool for your guests to play with or around your landscaping to create a dazzling light show. They are safe for children and adults providing hours of entertainment.

Conferences can be boring, but you can keep those never-ending events alive by adding smaller versions of the balls to the rooms being used. They can be labeled with your company’s name and/or logo which shines on the surface of it. Definitely great conversation pieces.

If you want to see a crowd goes wild at a concert, throw some Xylo balls into the crowd. These glowing balls will definitely create an atmosphere of excitement as they are bounced around changing colors and creating a 3D effect. And you know that Live Entertainment is one of the most important things for a good party!

Sporting events are always high intensity. Everyone in the stands are cheering their team on. Throw some color-changing balls into the stands during the halftime show, and the fun will go from intense to insane.

Xylo Balls in Action

Now we will look at a few events where those have been used.

Phoenix, Arizona

These were used for the Arizona lottery at the WNBA Phoenix Mercury. The wireless glow balls put on quite a light show changing colors to the beat of the music. Because of the ability to print on them, they were customized with lottery numbers, lottery logos, and also showed the name of the lottery winner. The team’s dancers interacted with the fans by throwing this into the stands.

The fans bounced and tossed these lighted globes for a great and exciting half-time experience. The Xylo balls were controlled live using Xyloband’s DMX technology. It was quite a spectacular sight watching these magnificent devices being tossed around the area. By the way, the winner got $500 dollars.

New York, New York


The New York Knicks’ City Dancers energized the fans at their opener with Xylo balls. You can check the https://xylobandsusa.com/ for more details on the event. Wearing custom LED costumes, they performed and released the Xylo balls into the stands at Madison Square Garden. The Knicks created an interactive light show to the delight of all their fans. They made sure everyone took part in this special effects light show.

Kansas City, Missouri

The music group Coldplay really knows how to excite their fans. At the Sprint Center in Kansas City for the launch of their album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’, Xylo balls were released into the crowd adding energy and fun to the Coldplay tour. As their music played, the fans bounced the those overhead being delighted by their constant color changing to the beat of the music. The wireless, live controlled kept their fans entertained for the entire show.

Nassau Bahamas


The Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas known for its water slides, open-air aquarium, fine dining, and casinos, added these balls to their pool adding more beauty to this breath-taking paradise. It look awesome on the water because they are inflatable. These floating glow balls are sure to capture and hold your attention as they change colors moving along the water. Just imagine relaxing and being treated to this spectacular light show at night after a busy fun-filled day.

When Experience Matters

Xylobands’ experienced lighting technicians will set up and operate whatever equipment you need for your event. They will also give you a free programming guide so you can operate the equipment yourself. You can count on them for full technical support and reliable customer service.


If you want to razzle-dazzle your guests at your party, then Xylo balls are the answer. They are a stunning light show and are great to get your guests to interact with each other. Adding them to your swimming pool is also a great idea to keep your guests entertained. So light up your party.