What Can Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Do With A Brain Wearable?

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Among the startups that qualified for Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)’s startup incubation program for this year was Emotiv. The name may not ring a bell, but the technology that Emotiv is developing will certainly ring bells. The startup is working on a brain wearable that is able to measure brain activity and can be used to control virtual and physical objects through mental thought.

Brain reading wearable

A group of 10 startups were selected for Disney’s to participate in its three-month startup accelerator program for 2015. Among the eye-catching startups graduating from Disney’s incubation program is Emotiv. The startup has developed headsets that seem to truly belong to the future. The headsets are capable of measuring brain activity. When paired with an app, Emotiv’s brain wearable can help a person interact with physical or virtual objects more easily through thinking.

Nobody knows how close Walt Disney Co(NYSE:DIS) would remain tied to Emotiv after it graduates out of its incubation program. Last year, Disney’s involvement with Sphero through its incubation and mentoring program helped the startup to reach new unprecedented heights.

Why Disney could use Emotiv’s technology

Startups that leave Walt Disney Co(NYSE:DIS)’s accelerator program have benefited in various ways. Some have had more funding pouring in, others have been acquired and some have turned their ventures into profitable businesses.

Could Emotiv be that lucky? According to Emotiv’s, CEO, Tan Le, the underlying technology in their headsets could find application in various Disney projects. For example, the technology could be harnessed to increase interaction with Disney’s branded video games or improve theme park amusement.

If Walt Disney Co(NYSE:DIS) chooses to acquire Emotiv because of its technology, the company to achieve great competitive advantage in the video game industry. Gamers will naturally embrace an extra layer of interaction that simplifies their work, and Emotiv’s technology is promising to bring that extra layer of interaction.

According to Le, their headsets will initially be able to track brain patterns. However, when they roll out the accompanying apps, the wearable will be able to make more sense of brain patters by allow people to interact with the world in ways they have never experienced before. Walt Disney Co(NYSE:DIS) would certainly be better off with such technology.