What does it mean by a Smart Building and what are its Main Features?


There were times when people lived in houses made of stones, sticks, tents etc. The choices of people are changing and shifting to something new, innovative and eye-catching. Although the basic purpose of building or house is to provide comfort for the people inside it. The world today is getting modernize at a rapid rate due to the advancement in technology. Everybody wants to have the latest technology and accessories to make their life easy.

A smart building is one in which all the systems are connected and are automated. Ventilation, heating system, security, lightning etc. are controlled automatically through the embedded systems. Different sensors and chips are embedded in the building to keep a check on the internal systems. You get an alert call if anything goes wrong. The connection between the systems is very important to call your building smart.

Important features of the smart building:


Following are the features that distinguish the smart building from an ordinary one:

Connected and automated systems:

It is the most important feature of smart buildings. All the important systems like heating, water pipes, security and fire alarms, lightning etc. are interconnected. All these systems negotiate with each other automatically and thus create a peaceful environment.

All these systems are examined continuously. Information is gathered from the systems and analyzed repeatedly. It automatically adjusts the systematic problems if any occurs and keeps control of the entire systems of the building. The automated doors, lightning, water supply, dryer etc. the building looks future-oriented and smart. These automated systems determine the extent of building smartness.

Usage of sensors:

Sensors are a part of the internet of things (IoT). IoT is a network of linked devices in which various sensors, software, electronics etc. are embedded. It collects data from systems and exchanges the information between them. Sensors play an important part in it. Sensors provide efficiency and comfort in the building by allocating the resources. Sensors use stimuli to perform a specific action. For example, a sensor is used to automatically open the door when it detects the presence of a person. It uses weight stimuli to work like that. Some other sensors are:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Door/window sensors

Intelligent lighting system:


Proper illumination and lightning play a major role in making a building “smart”. There are systems which can illuminate the rooms according to the need and want of lightning. Several types of lighting systems are introduced to flourish the interior with lights. Lightning sensors are developed which play a part by lightning the system automatically when a presence of the individual is detected. Advanced lighting systems consume less power and provide more output. Proper illumination gives satisfaction, relaxed environment and spacious view.

Security systems:


Security and privacy are the priority of everyone. Smart cybersecurity and physical security are required in smart buildings. Data leak concerns everyone. Due to the advancement in technology, there are more chances of data breach, hacking or theft. Intelligent thieves and hackers are hired to destroy the organization and you must have heard such stories of theft and hacking.

So, a smart security system saves you! The more strong and digital is the security system, the more secure you are. There are sensors to protect data and personal places. No one can enter if the face recognition, voice recognition or fingerprint recognition sensors are installed everywhere and only the concerned persons are allowed to take the benefits this way.

Intelligent climate control system:

The benefits of smart building:

Benefits always attract persons to do a specific task or have certain things. Following are the major benefits of having a smart building:

  • Reduction of power consumption:

The embedded digital systems work efficiently by consuming less power and providing more output. It is a fact that smart building systems are cheap to use when embedded once.

  • Increased productivity:

Technology saves everyone’s time. Smart systems have added in the daily production. It is easy to maintain and accomplish the tasks by doing the work faster through digital systems. More efficiency and production is obtained for sure! That is why everyone wants to switch to smart buildings.

  • Cheap and efficient:

Although smart buildings seem very expensive and out of reach things that are not all true. Yes, it costs at first when you have to embed the smart digital systems. But once they are embedded, there is a reduction in the costs due to their smart less consumption and more output formulas. The energy is consumed efficiently to do the tasks. Increased asset value and visitor satisfaction are obtained.

Why should you be going smart?

To gain Excellency and to be on top of the market, your business surely needs smart technology. It will not only save your time to get the work done but also save other future expenses. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and the one who keeps his business updated accordingly is surely several steps ahead of everyone else. It is important to know how a smart office or building looks like, its features, advanced systems, and benefits according to your company’s goals and tasks. It will create a smart and comfortable environment not for the staff only but for the visitors too. There are many platforms like infogrid.io providing these services to make your life more comfortable.

Smart building examples:


Getting inspired by new technologies, every person is in a run to create and have the best of the best. The most advanced and smart buildings in the world that have inspired everyone else to gain more and more excellence are:

  • The edge building, Amsterdam
  • Capital Tower, Singapore
  • Glumac, china
  • Duke energy centre, charlotte
  • The crystal building, London
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai

And many more.


To win the race, you must shift to smart technology. to have ease and getting excellence at the same time is through smart technology in your building whether office or home. How efficient and fast your work depends on how smart your surrounding is. Nobody doubts the efficiency of smart technology you know!